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iPhone-3.6-More-Actions-camping-listAfter a few days off due to website issues, we’re back up and running. More details in this forum topic, but otherwise, it’s on with the news!

A lawsuit that’s nearly a decade old just went to trial this week, and the Apple iPod iTunes antitrust lawsuit alleges Apple violated US laws by not allowing music purchased from the iTunes Store to be played back on devices other than iPods, and not allowing iPods to play back music purchased via other services. It’s all to do with iTunes DRM, back in 2006 when monopolisation of the music industry was a very real thing.

But there’s another case in the courts that Apple has to worry about as well, and that’s the eBooks price-fixing scheme. This one isn’t nearly as old, but is worth $450 million for Apple — $100 million more than the iTunes DRM lawsuit. Eddy Cue spoke to Fortune about the lawsuit, saying “we feel we have to fight for the truth”.

Finally, to a bit of local news (but staying in the legal system): Apple has lost its appeal for the “App Store” trademark in Australia, with Justice Yates saying Apple weren’t using the term in any special way that distinguished itself from competitors. While the decision means Apple can’t sue other companies for using the term “App Store”, it still means Apple can use the term themselves.

Ars Technica reports on the US Department of Justice using unusual tactics to compel smartphone manufacturers to aid governments in investigations, particularly those where an encrypted device is concerned. Two federal judges agree that Apple and one other smartphone manufacturer should be aiding governments, and to that end, they’re invoking the All Writs Act — a federal law from the 18th century.

Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine says Apple has a hole in music right now, and wants to help Apple plug it. MacRumors writes he’s referring the Apple’s lack of any kind of streaming music service beyond iTunes Radio, which is only available in the US and Australia — it’s entirely possible Beats Music will become part of iTunes in the future, but anything beyond that is pure speculation.

In app update news, the latest version of Dropbox for iOS devices lets you rename files and folders right from within the app. Apple also released updates to Final Cut Pro X and Xcode 6, with both updates containing new features and bug fixes.

IMore has a list of the best email apps for iPhone and iPad. Whether you’re looking to get to Inbox Zero mecca or simply something for you to handle the torrents of emails more manageably, there’s an app for that.

MacStories has an amazing piece on getting started with Javascript automation for OS X Yosemite, otherwise known as JavaScript for Automation. You’ll need a basic knowledge of Javascript programming, but if you’ve got that, you’re good to go.

We’ve heard little from Apple regarding their upcoming Photos revamp, besides the fact it’s coming out in Autumn next year. For something that was announced back in June, that’s an insane lead time — either Apple want people to forget about it, or they’re taking their time to get it right before releasing it.

The latest controversy regarding Apple inconsistencies (following the recent push notification brouhaha, as discussed in the forums) is Apple’s attitude towards widgets with buttons. What, exactly, is Apple’s plans for Notification Center widgets, if they don’t want them to be able to have buttons to even launch the app itself?

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