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zorlucenter_heroAs we enter the last week of news for 2014, the Apple year in review from Ars Technica tells us about all the announcements and game-changing product categories that Apple had this year. From the announcement of the unreleased Apple Watch to fresh new iterations of Apple’s mobile and desktop operating systems and the biggest iPhone ever, it’s been a pretty good year for Apple as whole.

The Wall Street Journal says one Apple engineer subpoenaed by the court to testify in the iTunes DRM case revealed what Apple was like internally around the time the iPod and iTunes was taking off. He worked on a project which was intended to block third party clients to keep out other players, but not because Apple was being deliberately malicious about DRM, but because that was what was needed by the record companies.

The Apple Retail Store in Istanbul, Turkey, has won two awards for being awesome, taking home the Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence and Best Commercial or Retail Structure at this year’s Structural Awards 2014. It’s an underground location with a unique design that features a glass cube on top, with an Apple logo over everything to top it all off.

Apple has seeded the third beta of OS X 10.10.2, which has fixes for Wi-Fi, Mail, and VoiceOver. It’s available via the App Store’s Software Update tab, if you’re running pre-release versions of OS X Yosemite.

Patently Apple takes a look at the Mac Pro in six in-depth patents which talk about the design of the machine unlike any other. With an innovative triangular heat-sink design and a unique cylindrical housing with a single fan, it’s easy to see why Apple would be interested in patenting as much of the new Mac Pro as possible.

No one knows how much the Apple Watch will cost. All Apple has said on the topic is they will start at US $349, but the general consensus is that they could cost much, much more. The Verge says Apple may be taking a leaf out of the Vertu playbook when it comes to pricing the Apple Watch, which may run into the thousands range pretty easily — I’d say almost certainly, given the existence of a gold-plated model.

The Apple Online Store has added PayPal as a payment option, but only if you’re using the US or UK Online Stores. Australia misses out, along with the rest of the world — apparently other regions get PayPal as a payment option for iTunes Store accounts, too.

John Moltz talks about replacement power adapters for Apple laptops. His family seems to go through a few of them per year, and if you’re buying them from Apple, that ends up a little on the expensive side. But what are the alternatives?

Secure Keyboard Entry is an OS X feature which prevents other processes from sniffing the keystrokes you’re typing, but for whatever reason, it’s not used as liberally as it could be. Daniel Jalkut’s investigations into the matter led to the creation of his own tool which blocks entering your password into insecure text fields, which he’s released as-is on GitHub if you feel like building it yourself.

There’s more apps in the App Store than anyone would ever need in their entire lifetime, which begs the question: is the App Store full? Could such a thing even be possible? MacStories says no, explaining there’s plenty of opportunity left for savvy developers to find their own niche.

Aerial Wallpapers is your single-serving Tumblr of the day, giving you access to a bunch of really great wallpapers optimised for the iPhone 6 Plus but ones that should work on all devices.

Apple’s latest holiday ad is The Song. It’s not as great as Misunderstood, in my opinion, but it’s still pretty good.

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