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osx_tiger@2xApple’s legal battle regarding iTunes DRM may soon draw to a close, but not for the reason you think. Apple will soon be moving to dismiss the case, claiming none of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit actually own an iPod in the timeframe targeted by the class-action lawsuit aimed at Apple’s unfair DRM practices. “Because Ms. Rosen had no purchase of any allegedly affected iPod in the class period, she has suffered no damages and thus lacks standing”, The Verge reports Apple legal counsel writing.

Flyover is now available in nine more locations including Dunedin, New Zealand, but there are no new Flyover locations in Australia. Instead, us Aussies get movie showtime listings in Siri, which means you can now ask Apple’s personal assistant on iOS about movies showing near you, and she’ll tell you when you can watch Interstellar. Because — trust me on this — you really, really want to watch Interstellar.

A profile of Apple’s first employee Bill Fernandez from TechRepublic looks at Apple just after their incorporation in 1977. It was a different time back then: Apple was in its infancy, the two Steves had just been introduced to each other, and how he put on paper all of Steve Wozniak’s drawings, including the first schematic for the Apple II.

The Economic Times says Apple are looking to expand their presence in India in a big way, opening 500 new stores in the country. This expansion comes just as the company established resellers in all the major cities and towns, but it doesn’t appear as if Apple themselves will be opening up Retail Stores in the smaller cities and towns, just resellers.

The festive season is upon us, and Apple has joined the festivities by adding ten holiday-themed stations to iTunes Radio. Whether you’re into holiday hits, classics, or even the ol’ holiday sing alongs, there’s something for everyone.

Something I hadn’t thought about with the addition of Touch ID on the new iPads is how it works (or rather, doesn’t) with Apple’s Smart Cover and Case accessories. The auto-unlocking feature means the iPad automatically unlocks if you don’t have a passcode set, but with Touch ID enabled, that’s not an option anymore — and AppleInsider writes it hinders the usability of the device, and it’s enough to be an inconvenience.

Part of the reason second-generation Apple TVs are (still) in such high demand on eBay is because you can jailbreak them and add additional functionality. Sure, the Apple TV gets a few new channels every now and again. But what people really want is Plex and other media center solutions, not another channel they need a subscription to be able to use. Six Colours agrees, saying it’s high time the Apple TV got a little love, now that it’s more than a hobby and everything.

TidBits has a few fixes for OS X Yosemite. They say disabling AWDL can fix some of Yosemite’s Wi-Fi instabilities, and even have a few ideas on restoring performance by turning off transparency. It doesn’t fall under “fixes”, but you can turn off font smoothing in System Prefs for nicer text, especially if you have a Mac with a Retina display.

What’s the difference between iCloud Photo Library and Photo Stream? On the surface they both appear to do very similar things: both services aim store your photos on the web, but differ in their implementations of doing so. IMore breaks down the differences between Apple’s overlapping photo storage services.

There’s a lot of inconsistency from Apple lately, particularly regarding Notification Center widgets. It’s easy to get frustrated at Apple, and iMore says this kind of thing is par for the course when you’re dealing with things on an App Store kind of scale. Which kind of sucks, but the only way it gets better is via trial and error. (Actually, that sounds worse than it is. Lots of people will be affected by the inconsistencies, but plenty of others won’t — draw your own conclusions.)

Have you seen Themeboard? If you’ve ever wanted a keyboard with a custom theme on iOS, Themeboard might be what you’re looking for. Some are more frivolous than others, but at the very least, the Themeboard keyboard should be a little less buggy than some others I’ve seen (SwiftKey and Swype, I’m looking at you). Unfortunately, Beautiful Pixels says it’s not as good as Apple’s stock keyboard.

If the internet is for cat pictures, and all the evidence I’ve seen suggests it is, you’re going to love this illustrated history of OS X.

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