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wad_announce_medium_2xThanksgiving weekend in the US means it was a super-quiet weekend for Apple news (more so than usual, anyway), so what we’re doing this morning is covering a few bits and pieces, then diving into a few reads from the Instapaper archives of yours truly — a mini version of Good Reads, if you like. Normal news coverage will resume once the Americans have woken up from their food comas.

Schematics of the larger-screened iPad have appeared, and while they’re not exactly confirmed to be the real deal, they do suggest the “iPad Pro” will have a 12.2-inch display, contrary to previous rumours which pegged the display at an even larger 12.9 inches. Thanks to the schematics, we also know the dimensions of the tablet, as well as the inclusion of top and bottom stereo speakers. Finally, there’s also speculation about internal specs and other upcoming iPad models.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could run CarPlay without having to pay for an entirely new in-car entertainment system? One developer has worked out a way to run Apple’s CarPlay directly on an iOS device, tossing aside the need for an external display — or a car, for that matter. In theory, it might be possible to use a dash-mounted iPhone or iPad as your CarPlay interface.

The MIT Technology Review has looked over the 458 patents credited to Steve Jobs and found that 141 of them were approved after his death in 2011. The Review notes the 141 patents awarded after his death is more than most inventors win during their lifetimes, and curiously, there are still patents being filed today which name Jobs as an inventor.

An amusing bug in OS X Yosemite results in save sheets that grow by 22 pixels every time you use them, which can result in hilariously large save sheets. Resizing the save sheet, either via Terminal commands or some Shift-key resizing, fixes the issue, which relates back to some maths Apple changed when calculating window heights.

Macworld looks at ScreenFlow 5, a bit of screencasting software for the Mac. Version 5 adds support for recording your iOS device, and while you might be saying you can do that without third-party software, like any good third party software ScreenFlow has a few cool features such as easier editing and touch-friendly callouts that make it worth a look for producing video content.

Continuing the reviews, Ars Technica’s review of iWork ’14 says minor bumps to the version number set the tone for the update. Their review is all about the little improvements and changes from previous versions of Apple’s productivity suite, which is nice because it means you get straight to the good stuff and skip the filler.

Rene Ritchie of iMore wants to be able to favourite messages in iOS 9, and also says the killer feature of the Apple Watch won’t be activity tracking, or even communicating with other Apple Watch users with that weird Digital Touch feature. It’s convenience.

Ben Brooks explains the difference between simple and minimal apps: “a minimal app is not always a simple app”, and usability often defines whether an app is simple or not.

The iPad mini could be the next iPad 2, by which I mean it’ll be the iPad that hangs around for way longer than its welcome. It’ll be the iPad zombie, and one estimate says developers will have to support it until 2017.

If your app gets featured by Apple on the App Store, your rankings will improve dramatically. That much we knew, but what about how many downloads you need to break into the top list for any category? That’s a little harder to answer as things will vary from country to country and category to category, but upwards of 150 downloads per hour will get you into the top 10. Probably.

Inc has some truly awful headlines, but their article on “What One Entrepreneur Learned From Working for Steve Jobs” is worth reading because it has anecdotes from one person’s experience with Steve Jobs, back in the NeXT days.

The customer service you get from an Apple Retail store is better than any other because of one thing: anticipation. Forbes tells you how it all works.

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