Friday Morning News

apple_watch_1995Rumour has it the Apple Watch will enter mass production in January, confirming previous rumours which said the same. The report claims an initial production run of between three and five million units ā€” to put that into perspective, anywhere between 60 and 80 million iPhone 6 units were manufacturing during its initial run.

Apple has published a new set of guidelines for iPhone cases, which are now required to protect the device from falls of up to one metre onto hard surfaces, where “protect” means survive with no visible damage to any surface. The updated MFi rules also stipulate that any case must protect the glass when laying face down on a surface, either by covering the glass surface itself, or by having a “lip”. Finally, case manufacturers must also meet new environmental requirements for their products.

Apple has also clarified the MFi standards for CarPlay-compatible head units, fast-tracking the development process for companies wishing to build CarPlay head units. Under the new standards, CarPlay head units must have a minimum of a 6-inch display, a tactile hardware button for Siri, and various audio and noise-cancelling features.

A minor update for Safari has been released, and Safari 8.0.2 replaces the previously released, then pulled, Safari 8.0.1 update. The update “fixes for syncing history across devices, autofilling saved passwords, WebGL performance on Retina displays, and Firefox username and password import”, according to MacRumors.

Macworld’s Rob Griffiths talks us through backing up your Mac. His “paranoid’s person guide to a complete Mac backup”, he runs through the various options available for anyone who wants to make sure they have a little data redundancy.

Earlier this week Panic were forced to remove the “Send to” feature in Transmit iOS, after Apple requested they remove the ability to send arbitrary files to iCloud Drive. Now Apple has reversed their decision, following public outcry about the unfairness of it all, and will allow Panic to restore the feature in a future update.

Workflow is just one of those apps that seems so useful, I bought it because Apple are sure to pull it sooner or later. MacStories reviews the automation app for iOS, which lets you do some pretty crazy stuff. I’ve already seen people sending the last screenshot they took via AirDrop, but there’s plenty of stuff you can do with the app ā€” Workflow is $3.99 on the Australian App Store.

Multiple apps beginning with S were updated overnight, all with iPhone 6 support. Snapchat, Soundcloud, and Spotify all get support for the big screen.

Glassdoor says Apple is 22 on the list of best companies to work for, with one employee in particular calling it the paradise of jobs. That’s about on par with what I’ve heard, even given the divide between Apple Retail and Corporate positions.

Sure, the Apple Watch of 2015 may be what you’re waiting for. But you know what else was cool? The Apple watch of 1995 ā€” and for a limited time, you might even be able to pick one up for about a hundred US dollars.

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