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B2tnFOzCQAAURFWA rare bit of Australian-related Apple news, this morning, as Path Talk launches in Australia alongside the UK, Ireland, and New Zealand. Just when you thought the social network by a guy with popped collars and day and night phones was all but dead, Path Talk revives the name by providing businesses with a way to communicate with each other. For those unsure about what it all means, you can ask questions via text to local businesses in your area and get personalised responses back — no calling to wait on hold, no need to figure out if they have a social media presence on Twitter or Facebook. It’s kinda cool.

Apple has released the WatchKit SDK for developers to start diving into the world of Apple Watch apps, even though we’re still not sure how much Apple Watch units will actually cost (or when they’ll be released, for that matter). Even so, even the most expensive watches in the world will need apps created for them, and you can bet that people will be willing to pay good money for quality apps, right? Actually, scratch that.

We now know the resolution of the Apple Watch thanks to the WatchKit SDK. The 38mm version of the Apple Watch has a screen resolution of 272×340, while the larger 42mm watch comes in at 312×390 pixels. Apple says that’s good enough for the “Retina” nomenclature, for all intents and purposes.

The WatchKit SDK also brings the first seed of iOS 8.2, which allows interoperability between iOS devices and the Apple Watch. The release seems kind of strange given that no Apple Watch hardware exists for developers to test on just yet, but perhaps this is why: Apple says the first Apple Watch apps will require a connected iPhone to work. The first native Apple Watch apps won’t arrive until later next year, 9to5Mac reports.

One of the biggest fixes in iOS 8.1.1 is action and share sheet reordering being fixed, as well as an iCloud bug which caused third-party apps to crash on launch. MacStories details the changes, saying that action and share sheets are now reordered on a system-wide level, although extensions can still be reordered by an app and carry over to other apps.

In other news, even though Apple’s release notes for OS X 10.10.1 claimed fixes for Wi-Fi connections, users who were experiencing the issues have claimed the update has done nothing to resolve their woes. That said, others have claimed it has helped with Wi-Fi stability, but I guess if you were having issues with Wi-Fi in the first place, you might as well give the update a go.

Apple will soon be opening up Lightning for third-party accessories, allowing accessory makers to come up with accessories that use the Lightning port. Few accessories currently do because of the limitations attached to devices, even under the MFi certification program. The updated Lightning spec also includes details on a slimline Lightning connector.

Apple has been ordered to pay $23.6 million in a settlement case. The company was found guilty of infringing six patents relating to wireless messaging and “pager technology” from the 1990s. 9to5Mac says the patents relate to the transmission and storing of messages, although details are sketchy beyond that.

As it turns out, there’s two versions of AirDrop: one that uses Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi, and another that uses Bonjour/PAN for older machines with Bluetooth LE. AirDrop on OS X Yosemite actually supports both, but you have to change a setting to get access to the legacy version of AirDrop.

If you’ve been playing World of Warcraft thanks to the new expansion and Australian servers, you might have noticed lengthy queue times. Of course, there’s an app for that, which sends you a notification when your queue has popped, meaning you’ll never miss a chance to go an explore Azeroth ever again.

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  1. Path Talk has very quickly earned a permanent place on my iPhone. First thing I did was to turn off all the automatic status updates though.

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