Wednesday Morning News

10996-3547-Screenshot-2014-11-04-104928-lMacRumors reports a sketchy rumour which claims Apple will discontinue the iPad mini in favour of the larger screen of the iPad Pro. It likely won’t be happening anytime soon as Apple just released the iPad mini 3, and definitely won’t be happening anytime soon given that the iPad Pro isn’t even a device which exists outside the halls of Cupertino, but it’s fun to think about Apple forcing users to go to the iPhone 6 Plus instead of the iPad mini.

Owners of the biggest-capacity iPhone 6 are reporting crashing and constant rebooting issues. According to MacRumors, the issues only seem to affect those with the 128GB version of the device, leading to speculation regarding faulty NAND flash on those models.

The first developer beta of OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 released to developers yesterday asks them to focus on Wi-Fi issues, which isn’t all that surprising given that Wi-Fi issues are just about the only serious, widespread problem I’ve heard about regarding Yosemite. The first beta of iOS 8.1.1 was also released to developers, which comes with bug fixes, as well as stability and performance improvements for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has credited the iPhone 6 for a surge in retail sales for the month of September. Forecasted numbers put retail sales growth at 0.4%, but the launch of the iPhone 6 pushed that number up to 1.2% — a small rise, but a rise nonetheless.

A new Apple patent examines the possibility of waving a wand to control on-screen UI elements, and the most likely possibility of this kind of patent would be in a future version of the Apple TV. The gesture control scheme would definitely be an improvement over the current Apple TV interface, which is kind of getting cluttered with channels mostly irrelevant to Australians.

The existence of a security vulnerability affecting everything from Mountain Lion through to Mavericks has been revealed by one security researcher. The exact details are being withheld to give Apple time to patch the privilege escalation vulnerability, which lets malicious users gain root access via the “sudo” command without authenticating via password.

Dropbox is partnering with Microsoft, which will soon see the apps work in harmony on the iOS platform. You’ll be able to edit Office documents from within the Dropbox app, and the Office suite on mobile will be able to access and save documents to your Dropbox. Sharing documents via Dropbox links is also on the cards, according to the Dropbox blog.

Dan Frakes has a list of his favourite features in iOS 8, and there’s plenty of good stuff. His tips on the numerous swipe actions in Mail might be handy if your inbox is overflowing, for example.

Wired check out Adobe’s latest iPad app for designers, which kind of looks like a fast way to get some prototypes down. It’s called LayUp, and the entire idea is to let designers get ideas down faster than they ever could before.

I just got my invite to Inbox for Gmail, and already I’m liking some of the great design details behind the app. My email inbox has always been manageable, so I feel as though the methodology isn’t aimed at me specifically, but I can see how useful some of the organisation features can be.

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