Tuesday Morning News

apps_for_red_largeAs part of Apple’s continuing contributions to AIDS research, the company has kicked off a global campaign encompassing both Apple Retail, Online, and even the App Store. From now until December 7, purchases of apps or in-app purchases part of the Apps for (RED) campaign will contribute to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. On December 1st, World AIDS Day, Apple will be donating a portion of all sales at its Retail and Online stores towards the Global Fund. There’s a press release on Apple’s website.

The reason why iCloud isn’t a hundred times better is because of “deep organisational issues” at Apple, according to a new report from The Information. While Apple has been consistently introducing new iCloud features, there are still just as many areas where they aren’t as solid as they could be or as reliable, which makes me wonder how successful the company’s vision for Photos in the Cloud will be when it launches early next year.

The University of Utah found using Siri in the car to be incredibly distracting, but Apple’s response to their study says the University didn’t even test Siri Eyes Free or CarPlay, both versions of car integration designed to be much less distracting than using Siri normally.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says iPhone 6 shipments are expected to hit 71.5 million units this quarter, with a slight drop to just under 50 million units for the first quarter of 2015. He also says he expects the iPhone 6/6 Plus split to stabilise at around 2:1, in favour of the smaller-screened iPhone 6.

Speaking of the iPhone 6, the launch of Apple’s latest (and largest) smartphone broke app download records. October saw over 7.8 million app downloads for the top 200 apps on the App Store alone, which is nothing short of incredible.

You’re probably not going to see fake versions of luxury watch faces on the Apple Watch, thanks to luxury watchmakers sending out cracking down on imitation watchfaces for Android Wear smartwatches. I’m a little puzzled by this, as I’m not really sure why’d you want to limit yourself to one particular watch face when you could have the awesome Mickey Mouse watch face, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Legendary video conversion tool Handbrake has seen an update, and version 0.10 brings hundreds of new features. Intel’s QuickSync for vastly improved encoding times is there, although only supported on Windows for now, alas. H.265 encoding also makes the cut, in addition to closer feature parity for the UI.

The latest app for sharing your Homescreen is #Homescreen by betaworks, the same guys behind Digg. It’s a tool for sharing and app discovery, and the top apps list reads like a “best of” the App Store. I used to use Homescreen for sharing my homescreen and writing a little about the apps I had, but the website hasn’t been updated for the iPhone 6. #Homescreen looks pretty cool also.

For the developers out there, Tom Harrington posts about sharing data between iOS apps and app extensions.

If you put Yosemite on the 512×512 display of the original Macintosh, you don’t get to see much of the actual screen. Icons in your dock fit, although full-size icons are a tighter squeeze again.

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