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OR_01-630x420On one of the only days of the year I don’t publish a news post, Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks out about his sexuality. Writing for Bloomberg’s Businessweek, Tim Cook says he’s proud to be gay, and considers being gay one of the greatest gifts God has given him. While Cook has never denied his sexuality and has always been open about it with his colleagues at Apple, this is the first time he has publicly acknowledged his sexuality, too. I guess we all knew, it was just nice to hear it from the man himself, right?

But seriously, I go away for two days, and suddenly Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor is working with Apple. The exact details of his project remain a secret, but in an interview with Billboard, Reznor reveals it’s related to music delivery, saying it’s an extension of his work with Beats. If Reznor thinks it’s work worth diverting effort from making music, you can tell it’s got to be pretty important.

Speaking to an audience at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Apple’s Jony Ive says designing the Apple Watch posed more challenges than designing the iPhone, purely because of the social expectations surrounding a wristwatch. Smartphones these days are just variations on the rectangular-shaped slab, but the cultural, historical implications and expectations meant the Apple Watch would help establish a new category of computing device.

Meanwhile, Apple Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores Angela Ahrendts revealed a potential launch date for the Apple Watch to Apple employees via a video message, which was then transcribed and leaked to 9to5Mac. According to their source, 9to5Mac claims the Apple Watch will launch in Spring in the US, after Chinese New Year. That means we probably won’t see it until April or May, at the earliest.

Another report from 9to5Mac says Apple are planning to launch their Apple University program in China, training up a new series of managers on the axioms of Steve Jobs and previous Apple executives, keeping the Apple culture alive and well.

MacRumors has the latest on the iPad Pro, which is now claimed to be a tablet with a 12.2-inch display, similar 7mm thickness as the iPhone 6, and featuring stereo speakers at the top and bottom, similar to other devices you might have seen before (I’m looking at you, HTC One).

Oh, and we did it, internet: Apple has decided widgets that perform calculations inside Notification Center are A-OK, with the App Review team reversing their questionable decision to reject apps which performed calculations. It’s extremely good news for PCCalc and the like.

There’s a new version of Outlook for the Mac, ahead of an updated version of the entire Office for Mac suite. The latter is set to launch sometime in 2015, bringing feature and UI parity with the Windows versions of Office, while Outlook’s facelift is available now, if you’re an Office 365 subscriber.

Many users who have upgraded to OS X Yosemite are experiencing Wi-Fi issues, suffering everything from slow connections, random disconnects, to the Wi-Fi not connecting to networks at all. There doesn’t appear to be one particular cause for the issue, so I’m guessing this is something Apple has to release a fix for before we’ll see a resolution.

Speaking of resolution, Ars Technica has confirmed the new 5K display in the iMac runs at 60Hz, leading to the computing experience you’re used to. There were rumours of a slower panel being used, but Apple didn’t skimp in this regard. Ars Technica also explains why Apple chose to go with a 5K display instead of just a “normal” 4K display, and it’s all to do with video — not only is the 5K a convenient doubling of the regular 2560×1400 resolution of a normal 27-inch panel, but it also means you can edit 4K natively and still have room left over for other stuff on the screen.

Following reports he would be playing Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic written by Aaron Sorkin, Christian Bale has pulled out of the role. Sources say he decided he was not right for the part. In other biopic casting news, Seth Rogen has reportedly been cast to play the part of Steve Wozniak, also in Sony’s biopic.

There’s actually a way to get a light menu bar with a dark dock, and TUAW has the instructions on how to get it all working.

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  1. I know this is pedantic as all hell, but Trent Reznor is Nine Inch Nails, not a frontman :smile:

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