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Monument Valley iconAnandtech checked out the GPU in the iPad Air 2, and found it’s even better than they expected. Even though the OS will happily spill the beans about the processor, software tells us nothing about the kind of graphics card we have under the hood. Comparing performance of Apple’s A8X with known graphics processors gets us pretty close, but we can only confirm our findings once we have shots of the die. Anandtech’s read is slightly technical, but the bottom line is: graphics performance on the iPad Air 2 is nothing short of amazing.

Apple’s Device Enrollment Program has been expanded to include new countries, and Australia’s on that particular list. The program allows education and business customers to enrol devices into mobile device management programs without getting hands-on, and what’s more, the program is now also available to third parties such as resellers and carrier partners.

Just like the FCC leaked a week ago, Beats are making a wireless version of the Solo2 headphones. The Verge writes the Solo2 Wireless will connect to devices using bluetooth, and will have up to 12 hours of battery life, and unlike previously reported news, won’t feature the Apple logo on the product or the packaging. Pricing starts at $299.95, and the Solo2 Wireless should be available later this month.

MacRumors says the larger screens of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are less popular than expected with users switching over from Android, but since when was that an important metric? Negativity bias means I’ve heard a lot more complaints about how people wished there was a smaller-screened version of the iPhone 6, but I’m betting there are plenty more who are happier with the larger screen size, too.

Re/code has now posted the full video of Greg Joswiak’s interview at Code Conference. He talks about iOS 8.0.1, Apple Pay, and possible Apple Watch pricing.

Now that Spotlight is front and centre on Yosemite and not relegated to some far-off corner of your screen, Flashlight is a cute little plugin system for Spotlight in Yosemite that lets you add additional functionality to Apple’s search tool. MacStories has a look, saying it adds Google search, Wolfram Alpha search, with more plugins on the way.

Kirk McElhearn takes a 16GB iPad, installs all of the recommended apps from Apple, and ends up with a device that has just over 8GB of free space. It’s kind of why the 16GB storage tier baffles me — there’s absolutely no reason Apple couldn’t have gone 32/64/128GB in the latest iPhones and iPads.

There are some apps you just won’t get to use, unless you wear a blue shirt. Business Insider checks out the list of apps Apple Employees have access to.

Just when you thought your Notification Center was boring and needed a little more fun, TUAW comes to tell you about Overglide, an app that puts a little paper-gliding game as a widget in your Notification Center. Overglide is $1.29 on the Australian App Store.

Speaking of games, new Monument Valley levels are out. They’re available as an in-app purchase within the app, so jump in and check out the serenity. Touch Arcade has posted up a few trailers, if you’re not sure what you’re getting into.

Super special bonus: Framed from Australian developers Loveshack is now out, after more than two years in the cooker. I first saw the game at last year’s PAX Australia, saw it again at this year’s PAX Australia, and now it’s finally out on the App Store. $6.49 for one of the most innovative games I’ve seen — we’ll have a quick review up early next week.

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  1. The problem with games like Monument Valley releasing new levels well after they come out, is that I usually delete a game when I’m finished with it. So when the new levels are out l have to reinstall and replay to get back to where I need to be - unless they’re selectable from the menu which is not usually the case. Happened to me a lot with The Walking Dead series.

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