Thursday Morning News

pcalc-os-x-100528562-largeIf I asked you what the next big thing was for Apple, “glasses-free 3D” wouldn’t be at the top of my list. But that’s what one Taiwanese website wants you to believe, with MacRumors relaying the rumour the next iPhone will feature glasses-free 3D technology, much like what people see on the Nintendo 3DS. It’s interesting to note that Apple previously patented ideas relating to stereoscopic 3D, but as for whether we’ll see that kind of tech in the next iPhone? Your guess is as good as mine.

Rumoured pricing for the Apple Watch says the stainless steel edition will come in at $500, with a price tag of the gold model at $4,000. It’s all speculation until Apple reveals something more concrete than “starting at $349”. To be fair, if you’re balking at the price tag you’re probably not in the target demographic anyway.

The good news is, the EFF says iMessage is as secure as the rest of them when it comes to mass-market messaging products. You can check out the full report over on the EFF website, which compares 36 separate messaging apps, and while iMessage doesn’t offer every kind of protection, the kind of security it offers will be good enough for most.

In an attempt to get people to upgrade to iOS 8, Apple are sending emails to customers who haven’t yet made the jump. There’s two ways to update: either by doing so over-the-air (requiring a lot of free space on your iOS device), or by plugging into iTunes and doing the update that way.

John Gruber writes about Google’s app aesthetic, and particularly how their “Material Design” language affects its own iOS apps.

Lukas Mathis takes Gruber’s piece to focus on web apps, the kind of apps we had before we had apps. Looking at the difference between Facebook’s original web wrapper and its “native” app these days, and it’s hard to tell which is which. “Web apps are already here, they’re here to stay, and you are using them without even knowing it”, Mathis writes.

Rob Griffiths has written an eulogy for Mac OS X Hints, one of my favourite websites back in the day. “The simple truth is that the need for OS X hints has tapered off to near zero over the last 14 years. And that’s a good thing.”

Speaking of web apps, once upon a time I experimented with single-site browsers as “apps” on my Mac, but often came to the conclusion that native apps were better at that kind of thing. Gmail for Mac by Zive is a new Kickstarter which has already been under development for 18 months, and just needs a few extra bucks to help it along.

The Mac Observer tells you how to restore search options in Finder for OS X Yosemite.

Macworld has a list of widgets for the Notification Center in Yosemite. If iOS 8 gets lists of apps with Notification Center widgets, then so does Yosemite!

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