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hero_sport_white_xlargeIWork for iCloud was updated over the weekend, bringing eight new languages and a bunch of other features. Document renaming from within the editor and Arabic and Hebrew support for Pages are among the highlights there, but iWork wasn’t the only part of iCloud to be updated. Photos in iCloud now lets you upload images and video captured from non-Apple devices, which is then synced to a user’s devices over the internet.

TUAW discovered the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus can play 4K video, thanks to the Waltr video-syncing app for the Mac I wrote about last Friday. I can count the reasons why you’d want to on one hand, but it’s still kinda cool that it’s possible — speculations says there’s gotta be a 4K-compatible version of the Apple TV in the pipeline for Apple.

The first beta of OS X 10.10.2 has been seeded to developers, and the release notes say nothing about potential focus areas for fixes. Instead, the update claims to resolve an issue opening documents from iCloud Drive.

MG Siegler writes the Apple Watch is nothing more than an iPhone accessory — at least for the time being, given all we know about WatchKit so far. It’s still unclear whether the limitations on the Apple Watch are due to hardware or just something Apple want to test the waters with, but MG Siegler hopes it’s the latter. Craig Hockenberry took a look at some of the more technical aspects of the WatchKit SDK, linking to a handy paper print-out to see just how tiny the watch-face will be when it’s on your wrist sometime early next year.

Version 6.0 of Delivery Status Touch doesn’t just bring a higher version number, but also a new name. Deliveries, as it’s now known by, has been updated for iOS 8 including a widget for Notification Center and an action extension, as well as better iCloud support.

There’s actually two different mini-player UIs in iTunes 12. OS X Daily shows you how to access both the one based on album art and the other one, which I’m just going to call the tiny player.

If you’re not afraid of a little Terminal, the Yosemite System Font Patcher on GitHub does exactly what it says on the tin, letting you change the system font in Yosemite to something a little more modern than the all-too-common Helvetica. Although maybe Avenir is overused these days, depending on what kind of iOS apps you’re using.

The Sweet Setup has a review of the Rain Design mStand. It’s filled with pretty pictures of one of the most aesthetically-pleasing stands currently out there for Mac laptops, but one thing I’ve never really understood is why it’s so popular compared to, say, the Griffin Elevator?

Ole Begemann takes a look at the display on the iPhone 6 Plus, mostly looking at how the device scales down images from its internal resolution to the pixels on the actual LCD panel. There are downsides to the scaling process, but only in very specific circumstances and for the most part, it looks pretty darn good.

The first update to Game Dev Story in a long time adds support for the larger screens… kind of. As Touch Arcade says, it’s not exactly widescreen like you’d expect, but text is now crystal-clear and Kairosoft has added some graphics to the top and bottom edges. Kind of lazy, if you ask me, but I’ll take what I can get for a game from 2010.

Crossy Road is the current hip game of the week, and Touch Arcade’s review describes it as a randomly-generated Frogger. It’s also by Australian developers, and if that sounds good enough for you, Crossy Road is now “gettable” on the App Store.

Last but not least this morning, The Macalope wants you to stop comparing Apple to a religion.

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