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more_faces_large_2xApple teased out a little more information about the Apple Watch yesterday, updating the website with new details about how the Apple Watch works as a watch, among other things. Apple says you’ll be able to use custom watchfaces with the Apple Watch, and the page on connecting with friends says you can reach other Apple Watch users. Last but not least, the section on health and fitness lets us know about the activity tracking features of the device. Interestingly enough, the new Apple Watch pages don’t seem to be on the Apple Australia website, but I still doubt Apple will launch the Apple Watch in the US only.

If you’re keeping track of iOS 8 adoption, Apple now reports iOS 8 runs on 60% of currently active devices. The four percentage point growth over the past two weeks is in stark contrast to the single percentage point soon after iOS 8 was released.

Apple has given the green light to another third-party 4K display, if you’re tempted for a few more pixels (and haven’t pulled the trigger on a 5K iMac just yet). LG’s 31-inch unit joins similar displays from Sharp, Asus, Dell, and Panasonic, although Apple notes that the unit is only supported under OS X Yosemite. Curious.

9to5Mac’s holiday gift guide has a bunch of connected home devices, and they say you can get a head start on HomeKit. There’s a surprising number of Wi-Fi compatible home appliances out there.

I’m kind of jealous the US gets better Black Friday deals than we do, but then I guess Thanksgiving isn’t really an Australian thing. Still, while we’re donating to World AIDS Day this coming Monday, the exclusive Product(RED) gift cards on select purchases from Apple Retail and Online are sweet.

The E-Label Act has been signed by President Obama, meaning devices will not longer need a bunch of visible certification logos. Expect FCC and other associated markings to disappear from the next iPhones.

MacStories writes about solving an issue with photo metadata, where photos imported into iCloud Photos went with the wrong metadata. Viticci is doing something a little unusual in that his photos are coming from another third party service he was using to store images, but the premise is still there, and iOS has the apps to solve the problem.

IMore has a look at the Olloclip for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. As noted by their review, they say that Olloclip now works with the front-facing camera as well as the rear one like it always has — but with every new iPhone revision, Olloclip has had to refresh their product, too.

TouchArcade has a collection of lists that run through all the games on sale as part of Thanksgiving. There may be some titles that aren’t on sale in the Australian App Store, so just double-check the price before going ahead. Oh, and I wouldn’t be able to mention sales without giving a special shout out to Ace Attorney — the free with in-app purchase HD Trilogy is now on sale.

Apple’s latest ad shows off the voice text features included in iOS 8. They’re kind of a big deal, seeing as you can listen to them right from the lock screen.

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  1. I hate that I have totally fallen in love with that stupid Apple Watch. I must have it.

  2. Just wait until you hear the price.

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