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apple-smoke-detectorFoxconn are planning to invest $2.6 billion into a display factory exclusively designed to supply Apple. The report comes from Bloomberg, who says Apple themselves requested the plant for “urgent capacity”, likely because displays are the one thing Apple can’t manufacture quickly enough to meet iPhone demand. The plant is expected to begin production of displays for Apple by the end of 2015.

A new patent from Apple details electronic devices which contain inbuilt smoke detectors and can automatically call 911, activate fire sprinklers, and locate individuals inside the building. 9to5Mac describes the patent as devices able to comprehensively respond to a fire, which sounds about right.

One of the things iOS 8.1.1 was supposed to fix was performance on older devices, which these days means the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Whether it actually manages to do that or not is another question, but Ars Technica’s analysis of the results are a mixed bag — some aspects of performance and device stability are improved, while others remain the same.

IMore breaks down what you need to know about WatchKit, including the different types of apps that are currently possible, as well as what kinds of notifications and interactions WatchKit will provide from the get-go. I guess you gotta start somewhere when you’re breaking new ground, and WatchKit seems a good a platform as any.

If you’re interested in using WatchKit’s San Francisco typeface as a replacement for Helvetica Neue in Yosemite, there’s a page on GitHub for that.

Dropbox are warning users about a bug in Finder under Yosemite, but the good news is, Apple has already released a fix for it in Yosemite’s 10.10.1 update.

Things for iOS is now free as part of Apple’s “Free App of the Week” promo, which is upwards of $30 off for two quality to-do apps. The two apps were recently updated for iOS 8 support, and MacRumors also notes that Things for Mac is currently also 30% off.

Over at MacStories, Federico Viticci has yet another to-do app for you to add to your task management strategy. Pretty soon you’ll need a to-do app to manage your to-do apps, but for real, Todoist has plenty of cool features and nice touches that make it worth a look. Viticci also tracks his expenses using Next for iPhone and iPad, if that’s a thing you’re into.

One of the things I’ve always used Foursquare’s recommendations for is for knowing where to go when I’m in a foreign city. But sometimes I don’t want to choose where to go, I just want to be told. NightOwl seems like that’s the kind of app I’m after, but unfortunately, I don’t live in New York.

OK, this is pretty cool: Waltr is a new Mac app which lets you transfer videos of any format onto your iOS devices in seconds. You don’t need any additional apps on the iOS side of things, and it’s all super-fast — I’m not sure how it all works, but there’s got to be some kind of encoding going on. Either way, it seems insanely awesome.

Notable Replies

  1. Apple really let us down with the bugginess of iOS and OS X this time around. If they’re sacrificing quality to make their release schedules then they should rethink the whole 12 month refresh thing. It’s clear to me they’re tying software to hardware release dates and it’s getting the better of them.

    If they want to go down that route, fine, but they could at least release patches more frequently to compensate. The latest patches barely touched the sides in terms of issues not addressed.

  2. I didn’t want to join in on the buggy software chorus as iOS and OS X have mostly been fine for me — touch wood — but after upgrading directly to Yosemite and 10.10.1, I’m inclined to agree.

    Before the update, iTunes 12 was fine. Now my music stutters occasionally when I switch spaces, and sometimes audio output from iTunes dies completely (but the song will continue “playing”). Quitting and re-opening iTunes fixes things, but yeah, this never happened under Mavericks and literally the only change I’ve done is upgrade to Yosemite.

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