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rapkey-recovered_2xA report from DigiTimes claims Apple are beginning to ramp up production of the Apple Watch, ahead of its early 2015 launch. According to its sources, between 30 and 40 million units of the Apple Watch have been ordered, putting the likely launch window sometime in February. A topic in our forums asks about the possibility of a US-only launch for the Apple Watch, but I’m not so sure — the last time Apple launched a physical product in a single country was the iPhone, and that was back in 2007.

Meanwhile, the “iPad Pro” has been pushed back amidst manufacturing difficulties, which analyst Ming-Chi Kuo cites as component yield rates for the oxide panel used in the larger, 12.9-inch, display. MacRumors notes the potential iPad Pro release date is now “up in their air”, which is perhaps too subtle of a dig that you should be getting the iPad Air 2 instead, because that’s a damn fine tablet.

Apple’s market cap has set a new record high, closing somewhere in the vicinity of $663 billion. It’s the highest Apple’s market cap has been since September 2012, where it reached $661 billion during trading and closed at just under $660 billion.

Apple SVP of Design Jony Ive has spoken to London’s Design Museum about creating products, education, and getting ripped off. As with all Jony Ive interviews, there’s not a lot about his work at Apple, but The Verge writes Ive and his team of 18 people don’t redesign products every year just for the hell of it, because designing something different is easy. But designing something better? Really hard, according to the Knight of the British Empire.

IMore covers iPad updates for both Things and VSCO cam this morning. Version 4.0 of VSCO Cam has been redesigned as well as optimised for the iPad, and the story is pretty similar for Things 2.5, which has also seen an iOS 8-style redesign as well as optimisations for the larger iPad display.

If you’ve been looking for a bluetooth speaker and want something with serious audio quality, the Audioengine B2 Premium as covered by The Mac Observer may be right up your alley. It features a built-in 24-bit DAC, and has an aux-in in case your device or music source of choice doesn’t have bluetooth. It’s $299 in the US, and I haven’t heard about any Australian release.

Normally I don’t cover what Samsung are doing, but this time they’ve upped the ante on their copying so I feel compelled to. Their Continuity clone, Samsung Flow, lets users pick up where they left off on any device, “enabling developers to create seamless transitions across devices”. Sound familiar? Shame on you, Samsung.

I feel safe in saying that with the launch of RapKey, we have reached peak third-party keyboard. It lets you send out entire lines of song lyrics at a time, and I’m really, super-unsure about why it even exists. Free, on the App Store.

MacStories has a review of Space Age, a game from Big Bucket, creators of The Incident. It’s a little more involved than their previous title, featuring progressive gameplay that follows a particular storyline. It’s essentially an adventure/exploration game, with a few puzzles thrown in for good measure. Space Age is $4.99 on the Australian App Store.

From the Department of Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: people were one-starring yesterday’s Monument Valley update because they felt the expansion — which added more levels — should have been free, seeing as they had already paid for the app. For the record, that’s like saying the new Star Wars should be free, because you’ve already paid to see the first six films (thanks, George Broussard).

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