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BN-FF883_cook21_G_20141027233555Speaking at The Wall Street Journal’s D conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed he expects people will be using the Apple Watch so much, you’re going to need to charge it daily. His exact words were “you’re going to wind up charging it daily”, which could either be a statement about having to hand-crank the watch to get it started in the morning, or just an interesting choice of words. Your pick.

Cook also said Apple is now the leader in contactless payments, seeing more than one million activations in the first three days with only a subset of US banks supported. That’s great and all, but the reality is that’s still fewer contactless cards than Australia, despite having ten times the population (thanks, Chris). Imagine if Apple Pay launched here, instead of in the US.

When Tim Cook, master of the supply chain, says they discontinued the iPod classic because they couldn’t get the parts any longer, you kind of have to accept it as gospel and move on. I remember years ago there was a story about 240GB mini-hard drives as used in the iPod classic, but yeah, I can imagine the 160GB variant being a little hard to find.

Apple has been hit with a class action lawsuit over 2011 MacBook Pro graphics card failures. The lawsuit says the 2011 MacBook Pro with AMD graphics was prone to failures — much like the iMac from a similar era, which did see a graphics card replacement program. The MacBook Pro never did — saying customers who paid for out of warranty repair should be reimbursed.

Over half of active devices are now running iOS 8, according to Apple’s own analytics. Active devices, in this case, refers to devices hitting the App Store within the last two weeks — and while the adoption of iOS 8 has slowed, the majority of active iOS devices are running iOS 8. So that’s something.

Now that you can make phone calls from your Mac, Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack Pro can now record phone calls placed with your iPhone, as detailed over on their blog.

I never though we’d see a well-designed ASCII art editor for the Mac, but here we are. Monodraw is the powerful ASCII art editor you’ve been looking for.

The Crush Apps blog has a few dictation commands you can use with Siri that you probably didn’t know about, complete with examples of what the commands actually do and the text they output. And Siri isn’t the only one with dication commands, since they’re now a thing in OS X Yosemite, too. Macworld give you the run-down.

If you’ve having Wi-Fi problems I feel bad for you son, but I’ve got 99 problems and Yosemite ain’t one. OS X Daily has some basic troubleshooting tips to get you started, if Yosemite is wrecking havoc with your Wi-Fi.

PAX Aus 2014 is this weekend, and as a heads-up, is going to be why there won’t be any news from me this Friday or Monday. If you’re going, I’ll be on a panel with some other cool folks from Reckoner on Friday talking about Cupertino and Games — there’s a thread with more details here. If you’re not, well, Ars Technica’s look at how the Retina iMac fares as a Windows gaming machine gets you pretty close to what we’ll be talking about.

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  1. I would have thought the Apple Watch would be useful as a sleep tracker at night, so if it does need to be charged daily I’d hope it’s a quick charge.

  2. My thoughts exactly. I would get much more out of a sleep tracker than a ‘fitness tracker’ personally, so I was looking out for this. Otherwise I’m hoping it’s possible to implement something (good) with watchkit.

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