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olUKU1QDea1SwKOhSpotlight suggestions in OS X Yosemite pose an interesting privacy problem. On the one hand, getting personalised suggestions about what you’re searching for can be great, but on the other, that kind of means Apple needs to know about what you’re looking for. The Verge asks whether Spotlight in Yosemite has a privacy problem, after The Washington Post ran a story on the topic, and the answer is, for the most part, no. Apple has since responded to the matter, saying they take measures to make sure you aren’t personally identifiable, even though your suggestions can be specific.

The good news is, Apple Pay works in Australia. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is compatible with NFC terminals here. But that’s about where the good news ends — as much as you or I want to pay with stuff using an iPhone instead of having to pull out my wallet and credit card like some kind of neanderthal, you’ll need an American credit card issued by one of the named banks for it to be able to work — and even, you’ll be paying through the nose for any purchases, since you’ll have to deal with currency conversions and potential international transaction fees. On the other hand, Apple Pay supports multiple cards — meaning that there’s definitely the potential for some host-card emulation when Apple opens up the NFC chip to third party developers.

The Chinese government has launched a man-in-the-middle attack on iCloud, in a bizarre attempt to capture user credentials. Ars Technica reports speculation which claims they want to compromise security by retrieving backups of devices, and Apple’s associated support article is essentially a primer on website security and certificates.

A breakdown of Apple’s financials from yesterday by MacStories show that while iPad and iPod sales are down, iPhone and Mac sales are up compared to the year-ago quarter. Mac sales actually set a new record from the last 12 quarters, while iPod sales are as low as they’ve ever been. Six Colours has the word from Tim Cook on various aspects of Apple, as part of the Q&A session of the conference call.

IFixit took apart the new Mac mini, showing off the new integrated design which means you won’t be able to upgrade the RAM yourself, nor the hard drive without voiding your warranty. There’s really no reason to be taking apart one of the new Mac minis (at least for upgrades), but if you’re performing your own repairs, it scores a six out of ten.

ICloud Photo Library is now available to all iOS users as part of iOS 8.1, and the accompanying Photos app on the iCloud website lets you view your photos in the cloud. MacRumors has an explanation of how it all ties together.

I had no idea you could rename multiple files in the Finder with Yosemite, until I learned about the batch rename feature. If you’ve ever wanted to rename multiple files at once, this is how you should be doing it.

Speaking of new features, Apple has a page which lists all the new features in OS X Yosemite. It reminds me when they used to do those lists of hundreds of new features with every OS X release — Apple hasn’t put a number on the new features, but there’s definitely a few there.

The new beta of Flux for Yosemite lets you automatically change to Dark Mode when the sun sets. Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of the rest of Flux’s other features, Lights Off is kind of the same thing, only on a timer instead of automatically.

Sebastiaan de With has two sets of replacement icons for Yosemite users. The first is for those who use Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps, and the other is for those that use Safari/Spotify/Slack/Steam and a number of other apps. They’re over at Dribbble for your icon replacing pleasure.

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