Tuesday Morning News

outlookformac16When I hear you saying “Apple wants to expand the NFC capabilities in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to include replacing building keycards and transit cards”, I say: HELL YEAH. The Information reports Apple has been in talks with HID Global and Cubic, both companies that manufacture those RFID-cards for building entry. The technology already exists for this kind of thing to happen — it’s called host card emulation — and I’m already seeing a future where I can replace all the contactless cards in my wallet with my iPhone.

In other NFC news, Apple has responded to CVS/Rite Aid disabling Apple Pay by saying the feedback they’re getting from customers regarding Apple Pay has been overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic. As an Australian who already knows about the advantages of contactless payments, I can’t help but feel part of that is because the US hasn’t had contactless payments like we have.

DisplayMate’s analysis of the anti-reflective screen technology of the iPad Air 2 says it’s a major innovation, comparing favourably to competing smartphones and even the extremely-readable-in-sunlight display of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. However, they note that the display does show decreased performance over the previous gen iPad Air, showing lower brightness and power efficiency, probably due to the thinner design.

A new version of Outlook for Mac has been leaked that makes it look like it was designed for OS X Yosemite. MacRumors speculates this is the first app that will be part of an updated Office for Mac suite, which will feature a “simple, modern style” and interface parity with the Windows version of Office.

Apple has pledged $100 million to a program in the US that will help schools out with technology. The Verge reports 114 schools across 28 US states will receive iPads, Macs, and Apple TVs as part of Apple’s contribution to Obama’s ConnectED program.

Alpine has jumped on the CarPlay bandwagon with a unit of their own, the iLX-007. It’s a 7-inch touchscreen head unit that comes in at $800, and while that’s still a little on the expensive side, it’s priced more attractively than competing units from Pioneer, although it misses out on some of the hardware features of the Pioneer units.

Federico Viticci at MacStories explains some of the issues he’s been experiencing with iCloud, which has led to apps crashing on launch under iOS 8.1. Security researcher Jeffrey Paul says iCloud uploads local data to a location other than iCloud Drive, and the issue here is that Apple is uploading information without your permission to their servers.

ICloud crashiness and security issues aside, Macworld have a how-to on using iCloud Drive this morning, covering how the file management works on Macs and on your iOS device. While you can look at iCloud Drive as Dropbox/other cloud storage alternative, Macworld notes it’s less flexible than the third party offerings.

When you download 10,000 mobile apps, you’re bound to learn a few lessons, and that’s exactly what the guys from LinkTexting learned during their app downloading spree.

OS X Daily are here with the tip about changing font smoothing settings in OS X Yosemite, which can improve the legibility of text for those not using Retina displays.

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