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a8xIn case you were wondering if China was an important market for Apple (or any other consumer electronics company), pre-orders of the iPhone 6 in the region have reached an estimated 20 million units. Half of that gigantic number comes from one retail location, one of China’s largest malls, with the split being pretty even between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

9to5Mac have let the cat out of the bag, revealing all about ApplePay as the service goes live in the US later this week. Here’s what we know: the setup process revolves around Passbook, and ApplePay itself has deep ties to the credit card companies to the extent that if a card expires, Passbook will automatically update the card it has on file for a new card.

We get another look at the internals of the next-generation iPad Air this morning, only with less blurrycam. The new shot doesn’t tell us nothing we didn’t already know, but does confirm 2GB of RAM and an A8X processor. According to MacRumors, Apple are expected to also release an iPad mini 2 with new Smart Case colours on Friday’s event.

As for a new Retina MacBook Air, well, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Re/code writes no such beast will make an appearance, with Apple choosing to focus on new iPads, a Retina iMac, and OS X Yosemite. The sixth public beta of OS X Yosemite was released overnight, mostly to bring it up to speed with the third GM candidate recently released to developers.

Finland’s Prime Minister says Apple killed two of the country’s biggest industries. The iPhone killed Nokia, and the iPad killed the paper industry, Finnish PM Alexander Stubb said in an interview, but he’s confident the country can make a comeback.

In case you were wondering about the “oppressive and burdensome” clauses of GT Advanced’s contract with Apple, it’s been revealed one such clause was a $50 million penalty “per occurrence” for leaking information about any unannounced product. That’s how seriously Apple takes secrecy, especially when dealing with potential game-changers like the Apple Watch.

BBEdit is one of the more popular plain text editors for the Mac, and the app is leaving the Mac App Store. Jason Snell at SixColors says cumulative frustrations added up to the realisation being in the premier storefront just wasn’t worth it. While the two versions will co-exist in the Mac App Store and outside of it for a little while longer, it’s not the first time we’ve head of something like this happening, and it probably won’t be the last, either.

Mailbox for Mac is now in open beta, with the same great gesture-based interface from the web making its way to your desktop. The Mac client brings drafts syncing with the iPhone version, and you can even snooze messages for dealing with later.

The UK versions of the iPhone 6 ads feature Chris O’Dowd and Richard Ayoade from The IT Crowd, and back home, I’m informed by Twitter Hamish Blake and Bret McKenzie do the voiceovers for our localised versions. Not quite Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon, but hey — it is Australia we’re talking about. (I couldn’t find a link to the Australian versions of the ads, let me know if you do.)

IMore’s roundup of the best weather apps for iPhone includes Pocket Weather Australia, of course, but I have it on good authority the Weather Underground app uses local data, which makes it the only weather app I know of that does so and has a Notification Center widget. The relative forceast is kinda cool, too: some of you may be used to knowing what a particular temperature feels like, but sometimes I just want to know if it’ll be warmer or colder than yesterday.

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