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apple-campus-2-aerial-oct-6Allegedly, pictures and illustrations of the next-generation iPad Air are on the internet, somewhere, but The Michael Report doesn’t want to reveal the sources of their detailed claims regarding Apple’s iPad Air successor. I’m pretty sure MacRumors is throwing a little shade, downplaying their claims and saying The Michael Report is aggregating previous rumours and adding very little additional information — which is kind of what MacRumors does on a near-daily basis.

In a surprising move, Apple’s sapphire partner GT Advanced has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It’s surprising because you would have though any company doing business with Apple wouldn’t be capable of going bankrupt, but here we are — as of September 28th, the company had $85 million in cash. The company will continue operating until it can put its balance sheet back in the red.

Apple’s latest aerial shot of its Campus 2 project shows definite foundation and earthwork having been done to the site, which is more or less in-step with the building’s proposed timeframe, with demolition and earthwork continuing until the end of the year. Apple’s Campus 2 is expected to be completed by 2016.

Adobe has refreshed their app lineup at their MAX conference, bringing the mobile and desktop platforms together. All of Adobe’s existing iOS apps have been overhauled, and there’s an entirely new video editing app, Premiere Clip. Macworld has more info on all the changes.

In the US, sometimes-controversial social network Path has launched its latest service, and Path Talk is a way for you to post questions to businesses from the comfort of your smartphone and receive an answer. You know, like Twitter, except only in the US. Ars Technica asked around and found it seems to work reasonably well.

There’s been a few iPhones popping up on eBay running prototype firmware lately, and one such unit is currently selling for over $100,000 as reported by TUAW. There’s also an original iPhone unit, arguably the rarer of the two, which is at $1,500 at time of writing.

As the iOS 8 and iPhone 6 app updates continue, 1Password’s 5.1 update brings support for the larger phones, as well as making usability changes to the way the master password and Touch ID integration works, making it clearer for users. Gmail’s iOS app has also been updated for the bigger-screened phones,

As much as rounded-watch faces are all the rage for smart watches, The Tech Block explains in one photo why the Apple Watch wouldn’t have worked with a round watch face. Simply put, it’s to do with the information being displayed — a round watch face would have meant much of Apple’s UI just wouldn’t have fit.

After calling the iPhone 6 Plus big, awkward, and beautiful in his original review, Gabe from Macdrifter follows up with a piece comparing the iPhone 6 Plus to the iPhone 6. While there’s plenty to like about the larger-screened variant, there are certain advantages to having a smaller-screened device, especially when it comes to usage on-the-go.

In case you missed it, Apple’s web site (still?) has a tribute to Steve Jobs. (I’m not sure if this is a re-published version of a thing I’ve seen before or the same thing, but it’s a nice gesture, nonetheless.)

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  1. alfrsr says:

    I don’t know why 1Password didn’t work like this from version 5. It’s how touch id behaves for all the built in functions, so it would make sense to duplicate that.

    Glad they’ve finally got it right!

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