Thursday Morning News

bookarc-macpro-02Did you hear the one about Apple wanting developers to make widgets for Notification Center, then request the removal of one that did calculations in its widget? Crazy, but true: the developer of PCCalc has tweeted “Apple said Notification Center widgets cannot perform any calculations”, even though Apple’s own Calculator widget on OS X Yosemite does exactly the same thing. It’s the inconsistency and murky guidelines that get Federico Viticci.

With the Apple/GT Advanced saga wrapping up, GT has blamed the one-sided contracts which placed the risk solely on GT Advanced. Citing the contracts as “unsustainable”, the company says it couldn’t meet the demands set out by Apple, who it seems just wanted to ensure the endeavour was profitable for both companies.

Apple VP iPhone, iPad, and iPod marketing Greg Joswiak spoke to Re/code about the Apple SIM included in the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. It’s included for “customer convenience”, says Joswiak, but likely won’t come to the iPhone because people often go to their carriers to purchase phones, while iPads are more commonly sold through Apple’s various retail channels.

Joswiak also spoke about the glitch with iOS 8.0.1 that caused users to lose mobile service on their iPhones, citing a “software distribution error” and not a bug within the software itself. The wrong baseband being pushed out to iPhones is well within the realms of possibility, and Re/code has (

More screenshots of Office for Mac 2015 have been leaked, and they look just like the Windows version of Office. Early speculation says Microsoft are aiming for a release sometime in 2015, but the point is, Microsoft are committed to bringing the Mac and Windows versions together.

Markup in Yosemite’s Mail is a pretty good way of adding annotations to images used in email conversations, and The Mac Observer tells you how to put it to good use.

Macworld says you can downgrade from iTunes 12 back to 11 in exactly the same way that you could downgrade from iTunes 11 to iTunes 10. Ars Technica had the original instructions, but Macworld has chosen to re-publish them for convenience.

Twelve South’s BookArc for the Mac Pro puts the workstation-class desktop on the horizontal, which has the added benefit of cutting down on the height restriction of the machine. I would have thought attaching cables in that orientation would be a little strange, but the chrome-coated steel construction of the BookArk perfectly complements the black Mac Pro above it.

Shawn Blanc reviews the Aether Cone for Rdio. It’s a gorgeous-looking wireless speaker that works with either Rdio or AirPlay, even though it’s clearly been designed with Rdio in mind. It looks amazing and has a few great features for blasting tunes as a gathering, and will even let you request songs by talking to it, but it is kind of expensive at US $400.

The iPod classic was pretty great, really. It offered way more storage than most people would ever need, and was the precursor to many different iPods which now dominate the lineup. TUAW’s tribute to the iPod classic includes a video on the history of the iPod.

As a reminder, there won’t be any news on Friday on Monday as I’ll be at PAX Australia 2014. If you’re coming along, come see my panel about Cupertino and Games — full details in this topic. I’ll make sure to schedule a Good Reads post for the Saturday, though.

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