Thursday Morning News

retina-macbook-airOf all the people to leak information about upcoming Apple products, you don’t really expect Apple to be the perpetrator. But with the release of the iOs 8.1 user guide revealing the existence of the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, Apple themselves are saying both new iPads will come with Touch ID at the very least, and few, if any, external changes. With this update being more internal than external, Ars Technica has some of the other announcements we might be able to expect early tomorrow morning.

Digitimes are still confident we’ll see a Retina MacBook Air tomorrow, despite previous rumours claiming the opposite. They say shipments for the fanless, 12-inch laptop have already begun, and interestingly enough, Digitimes also includes details on subtle changes to the Apple logo included on devices — changes which will make it look 3D-like and shine at the edges.

Apple are dropping Fitbit wearables from its retail stores, with Re/code and 9to5Mac reporting the reason for the change being Fitbit’s lack of enthusiasm for HealthKit and Apple’s own Apple Watch coming next year being the primary drivers for the move.

The Mac Observer has the list of Macs that will be getting the upgrade to OS X Yosemite, widely expected to launch tomorrow at Apple’s event. A handy rule of thumb: if your Mac supports Mavericks, you’ll be able to run Yosemite, too.

MacRumors notes apps with Yosemite-specific features are starting to show up in the Mac App Store, after Apple called developers for submissions just the other day. PCCalc is one of the first apps to include a Notification Center widget and Handoff capabilities, one of the biggest drawcards of Yosemite and OS X.

Sony’s biopic of Steve Jobs has picked up Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs. For those playing along at home, Sony’s biopic is the one with a script written by Aaron Sorkin, which should make for a decent film when it eventually comes out.

While we’re all waiting for our favourite apps to be updated for the big and bigger screens of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, you can cross another three off your list this morning. The Facebook, Skype, and YouTube apps have all seen updates for the big phones.

Safari for iOS can auto-fill credit-card information in forms for you now, and the way it captures your credit card information is particularly cool. It uses your camera, recognising the digits much like the magical iTunes gift card redemption process.

Ben Thompson of Stratechery: “Something very strange is happening this week: there is an Apple event, and very few people – including myself – are particularly jazzed up about it. […] If anything, it is that lack of noteworthiness that is the most noteworthy thing of all.”

Both Bradley Chambers and Fraser Speirs say the app that holds iOS back is Mobile Safari, particularly in how it can’t upload or download anything from the web besides pictures. Speirs also goes over other suggestions for improvement.

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