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screenshot-2014-10-08-12-01-58Invites for Apple’s October event read “it’s been way too long”. According to the internet, that’s either a poke at how long it’s been since the iPad has been updated (unlikely), or how long it’s been since the last Apple event (more likely). Either way, Apple’s iPad unveil happens on October 16th (thanks to timezones, it’ll be the 17th for us Aussies), and if you’re not completely caught up on everything Apple expect to announce, 9to5Mac has you covered.

A Vietnamese blog has leaked Apple’s next-generation iPad Air. It has an updated design, sporting a thinner chassis about the same thickness as the iPhone 6 series. That’s not all the design cues it takes from the iPhones, as the iPad Air successor also has the recessed volume keys of the iPhones. Touch ID is also present, and curiously enough, has no mute switch in line with previous leaks. (Conspiracy theorists among you may speculate this is Apple’s way of keeping tabs on who leaks what.)

MacRumors reports Apple’s 12-inch ultra-slim notebook is entering production in limited quantities, with Digitimes also saying it won’t be ready for this holiday season. Still, initial production in limited volumes means that the project is most likely going ahead, with rumours claiming the 12-inch laptop will also come with a touchscreen display.

Ars Technica summarises everything coming as part of Apple’s iOS 8.1 update. There’s Apple Pay for Americans, of course, but there’s a few other features that didn’t make the cut in the original iOS 8 release. SMS handoff, support for the new Touch ID iPads, as well as the return of the Camera Roll, according to one commenter — finally ending our long national nightmare of “Recently Added”.

Apple has finalised the HomeKit specs for its MFi program, opening the doors for accessory makers to start releasing devices that tie into Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for home automation and connected appliances. Everything from door locks, garage doors, and light bulbs are expected to be released, and I, for one, welcome our new Wi-Fi connected appliance overlords.

Fitbit says Apple’s HealthKit is interesting and all, but they don’t have any plans to integrate its apps into the ecosystem for now. And there’s honestly no reason to — everything I’ve read suggests HealthKit is a buggy, hot mess right now, and to be fair, Fitbit has a pretty good ecosystem of their own going on. HealthKit? They don’t need no stinking HealthKit.

One of the things iOS 8.1 will be doing, besides fixing a ton of stuff that’s currently broken or has slight quirks, is killing off the exploit that allows the installation of game emulators. The hack relied on being able to change the date within iOS settings, which allowed non-verified apps to be opened as a fallback.

Apple has posted up a video on building your first Swift app, over on their Swift developer blog.

Rene Ritchie of iMore explains the design language of OS X Yosemite. Gone is the Aqua eye-candy of yesteryear, instead replaced with flat graphics, subtle gradients, and as much Helvetica as you want.

TUAW checks out an interesting accessory for iPhone 6 Plus owners. The nobiggi makes holding your large phone easier, thanks to a small loop that you can slip a finger into, to provide a bit of extra support.

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