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largeMacRumors has it on good authority the next-generation iPad Air will come in a gold colour option. Just like the current iPhone lineup, the iPad Air 2 (or whatever Apple choose to name it) will come in Space Grey, Gold, and Silver colour variations, adding yet another SKU to the already-complex product matrix of four different capacities with two models of each — and now three colours. For those playing along at home, that’s 24 discrete products.

The issues with iOS 8 just keep rolling in, with MacRumors also reporting iOS 8 causing issues with Bluetooth in cars. Some devices refuse to pair, some don’t play audio, and some display intermittent issues of all kinds — it’s just a buggy mess, apparently. What’s more, it doesn’t appear as if the Bluetooth issues are limited to just in-car Bluetooth, with portable speakers and other accessories also experiencing issues.

And if that wasn’t enough, a bug in the iOS 8 version of the App Store means age-inappropriate apps are being displayed in the App Store sections for kids. Last time I checked, Kids 5 and Under probably weren’t interested in the number one dating app, or a version of slots.

All of the issues with iOS 8 and recent Apple releases prompts the question: don’t you remember a time when things just worked? Russell Ivanovic of Shifty Jelly writes he wishes Apple would dial it down a notch and take the time to release good products: “On the surface, nothing has changed. The problem is, it feels like everything has changed. In short while Apple’s hardware continues to impress me, their software has gone downhill at a rapid pace.” John Gruber’s take is that it feels as though the software teams can’t keep up with the hardware teams.

The Gold Master of OS X Yosemite contains support for SMS Forwarding when paired with the beta of iOS 8.1. The feature allows you to send and receive SMS messages from your Mac, but was initially cut from the original release of iOS 8 as OS X Yosemite wasn’t available at the time.

Our long national nightmare of Tweetbot not supporting the larger and largest iPhones has now ended. Tweetbot 3.5 adds support for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and even comes with interactive notifications and iOS 8 extensions. MacStories’ mini-review reveals the fact third-party apps can’t utilise the same reply-mechanic as Apple’s own apps can, which makes me sad, but a quick-reply action that opens up Tweetbot will have to suffice. Apple has also updated the Apple Store app for the bigger and biggest iPhones, too.

If you’ve ever thought you wanted the convenience of automatically expended snippets of text in your iOS keyboard (and either already use and love TextExpander on the Mac or don’t want to re-create a bunch of text replacements on iOS), the TextExpander keyboard might be for you. TUAW has a review. Oh, and speaking of third-party keyboards, PopKey (a GIF keyboard with curated GIFs) is out now. Free, on the App Store.

Apple has released their iOS 8 user guide on the iBookstore, and the 182-page version for the iPhone has pretty much everything you’d ever need to know about Apple’s latest and greatest mobile OS. There’s separate iPad and iPod touch versions, in case you can’t get enough, and they’re all free.

Apple has begun the call for developers to submit their apps for OS X Yosemite, but one thing I didn’t realise was the next version of OS X would be bringing a redesigned version of Pages and Keynote for the Mac. I’m not sure whether it will be a thing or not, but the demo videos in the Yosemite GM definitely show a version of Pages with a redesigned toolbar.

There’s a sneak peek of the Apple Watch from the Paris fashion week over at Storehouse, with plenty of pretty pictures that you can drool over while you contemplate how many organs you’ll have to sell for the Apple Watch Edition. Just kidding about that last part — I’m sure Apple, Inc would gladly offer you at least some credit for your soul.

Notable Replies

  1. I can’t wait until Tweetbot for iPad is released. It’s not vapourware according to their blog so there’s hope. I’ve been using the iPhone version on my iPad because of it’s extra features of the aged Tweetbot 2.

    I put iOS 8.1 on my phone and iPad this morning and it’s all working well on them. I jumped in early just so I can receive and reply to SMS from Messages when I’m working at my computer.

  2. palais says:

    I keep pressing the stupid keyboard button by accident, which brings up emoji, but then instead of going back to the normal keyboard when I press again it goes to popkey. Then I have to press it AGAIN to get back to the normal keyboard. These #firstworldproblems will be the death of me. And no search in popkey?

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