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HKi6IJeupf5cFvaMWith OS X Yosemite being released on Friday, the only review you should be reading if you haven’t already taken the plunge is John Siracusa’s review, over at Ars Technica. It’s available in a number of formats for your reading pleasure, including ePub and on the iBookstore, but the thing I find almost more interesting than the review itself is his analysis of the review itself, available at his personal blog.

Another good review you might be interested in reading is the one from Stephen Hackett, who mostly looks at the design differences between Yosemite and previous versions of OS X. MacStories has a collection of tips, tricks, and details about Apple’s latest desktop OS, and they also explain how the integration between OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 works.

In other Yosemite news, Dan Frakes tells you how to make a bootable Yosemite installer drive using the Terminal. Peter Cohen says you should hold off installing Yosemite until the show-stopping bugs have been ironed out, or perhaps more likely these days, until Apple has reversed certain decisions.

The iPad Air 2 comes with a SIM card that makes it compatible with multiple carriers without having to swap SIMs, but that’s about where the good news ends, as the feature is currently only for the US and the UK. That’s not saying it could come to other markets eventually, but like Apple Pay, we’ll probably be waiting a year or two before it does. And if Apple takes it one step further, they could legitimately disrupt the wireless industry. The Verge says it could be the death of the SIM card.

Both 9to5Mac and MacRumors have very similar collections of apps that have been updated for the new look and feel, including 1Password 5 (which is currently 30% off). The other app that bears mention is iStat mini from Bjango, which is a version of iStat created to live inside your Mac’s Notification Center.

Yosemite adds Handoff for Mac and iOS devices, but not if you own a 2011 MacBook Air or Mac mini. A thread in the MacRumors forums walks you through hacking in support for Handoff into those machines, but since it involves modifying kernel extensions, should be performed at your own risk. At the very least, you should be doubly sure you have a backup before you go ahead.

The first hands-on impressions of the incredible iMac with Retina 5K display are in, and the impressions are as you might expect: there’s just no downside to this thing. The viewing angles are great, the resolution is truly in a class of its own, and I get the feeling it has to be seen to be believed. IFixit has taken apart the machine to reveal there’s not too much different compared to the previous model — all the magic happens in the single display assembly unit.

Wired has a bunch of answers to questions about the new iMac, and Marco Arment compares the machine to Apple’s other desktop flagship, the Mac Pro. Although they’re very different beasts, the cases for buying Apple’s made-in-the-US Mac Pro are slowly dwindling.

A look at the updated Mac mini (which didn’t see anywhere near as big a refresh) reveals that it now comes with soldered-in RAM and a non user-replaceable hard drive. Macminicolo’s Brian Stucki says the other differences — upgraded graphics and two Thunderbolt ports — are mostly an upgrade. Dropping a FireWire 800 port for a Thunderbolt one seems like an OK trade to me.

A few things that were missed given the deluge of Apple news on Friday and over the weekend: Apple pulled support for blood glucose measurements in its Health app on iOS 8, due to a confusion regarding measurements in the app and regional differences. Diabetics in the UK and Australia use different blood glucose measurements than people in the US do, and Apple didn’t take that into account. Apple have said they’re pushing out a fix for the issue soon, but it might not matter, given that no one’s using Health to log their blood glucose measurements anyway. I don’t know about you, but it kind of feels like no one at Apple is actually using these features.

Reddit acquired Alien Blue and its Australian developer Jason Morrissey (the same guy behind the fantastic Jasmine YouTube client) late last week, adopting the most popular unofficial Reddit app as its own. I’m not entirely convinced by the new icon and kind of think the app should have a new name given its official status, but congrats to Jason anyway.

Rene Ritchie has thoughts on Apple’s event, over at iMore. I don’t entirely agree with his justifications for such a medicore update to the iPad and keeping the older models around — “Apple fitting the products they have to the price points they want to hit” — but his thoughts on the iPad as the best, most accessible, most inclusive computer for many are spot-on.

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