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screenshot-2014-10-10-17-12-35Apple announced over the weekend they will be live-streaming their October special event, and for Australians, all the action can be caught on Friday at 4am. One can only hope the stream will be in the Queen’s English without any unnecessary jump-cuts and interruptions by truck stream schedules.

One of the things we’re expecting from the event is new iPads, including successors for both the iPad Air and iPad mini. In accordance with any new Apple product, parts for the upcoming iPad Air 2 have been leaked, showing off the Touch ID home button cable, a logic board with an A8X processor, and what appears to be a LCD and digitiser assembly.

The story between Apple and GT Advanced is mostly shrouded in mystery on the back of their bankruptcy filing, but Ars Technica has what we know. Apple originally wanted GT Advanced to make sapphire iPhone displays. GT Advanced couldn’t deliver the goods, and now they want to terminate their contract with Apple and close their sapphire-production facility. GT are calling their contract with Apple “oppressive and burdensome”, claiming that shuttering the plant will be the only way to rescue the company.

Apple are planning to remove Bose products from its retail locations, likely as part of a move to promote its own brand of overpriced and overrated audio gear in the form of Beats headphones. All kidding aside, it doesn’t really make sense for Apple to be seen as promoting a competitor in its own retail stores, which MacRumors says is the most plausible explanation for the move.

For those keeping score, we’re now up to the third Gold Master candidate of OS X Yosemite, following the release of OS X Yosemite GM Candidate 3.0 over the weekend. It’s kind of weird Apple are using “GM candidate” terminology instead of the more acceptable “release candidate”, but depending on who you talk to, the terms are more or less interchangeable anyway.

Apple has rolled out a redesigned iTunes Store in iTunes 12 ahead of the Yosemite release, and like you might expect, everything has been flattened down. Gone are the curved edges of the various iTunes sections, and the drop shadows accompanying album artwork have also disappeared. Buttons are simple outlines instead of faux-3D objects, and even the promotional banners have lost their Cover Flow-like appearance, being replaced by a simple carousel.

ICloud now supports app-specific passwords for apps that don’t support two-factor authentication. It’s an important security move for those that use two-factor authentication on their iCloud account, letting them generate one-time use passwords for apps that want to access iCloud data. The support article on using app-specific passwords has more info.

Very few people have gotten a hands-on look at what the interface for the Apple Watch will look like, even though we’ve all seen the photos. Still, designers being designers (and having a little too much time on their hands) have mocked up what various apps will look like on the Apple Watch.

Document scanning is paramount if you’re going to be attempting any kind of paperless workflow, and while you’ll probably want to have a dedicated scanner at home for reciepts, bills, and the like, sometimes you might need to scan something when you’re out and about. The Sweet Setup says Scanbot is the best app for scanning documents on iOS, with local OCR and an extensive range of sharing services to fit into any paperless lifestyle.

The Australian developers of Beatwave have put up an interesting behind-the-scenes read on shooting promo videos for apps. They say “a good promo is something every app should have”, and their article on Medium explains how they put together their videos.

Jonathan Libov has collected a number of reasons why people haven’t upgraded to iOS 8. One angle I hadn’t considered: people may be jaded by new iOS releases, especially since iOS 7 changed so many things from iOS 6. Or perhaps the opposite is true: maybe iOS 8 hasn’t changed much at all, making the upgrade less important overall.

TUAW has the details on the 1080p capture mode in Instagram’s Hyperlapse app, accessible via a hidden menu. Remember the time we all found out how to do streaming over mobile data in Tweetbot via its own secret menu? More apps need to have secret menus.

Vanity Fair talked to Jony Ive about the lessons he learned from Steve Jobs. Worth a watch.

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