Friday Morning News

elpidaramipadair2Following Apple sending out invites for its October event yesterday, the Wall Street Journal is saying Apple are delaying production of the super-size iPad in order to deal with the demand for the iPhone 6 Plus. Hiring issues at Foxconn make it even more difficult for production to begin on a new device, one that’s rumoured to have at least 2GB of RAM.

The latest iOS 8.1 beta is telling us things, and graphical assets are giving us hints about a “3x” iPad, paving the way for speculation from AppleInsider regarding “Retina HD” iPads. It’s kind of hard to believe an iPad with an even higher resolution than they currently have, but I guess with iPhones going higher, the iPad kind of has to, too.

Legendary investor Carl Icahn wants Apple to buy back more shares with its immense cash reserves, saying as much in an open letter penned to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Icahn wants Apple to “accelerate and increase the magnitude of share repurchases”, in order to raise the value of its stock (which he believes is currently sitting at about half its true value).

The official numbers from Apple’s U2 promotion: the Songs of Innocence album was downloaded 26 million times, with 81 million customers experiencing songs. It is just me, or does that sound like abysmally low click-through rates for over half a billion customers?

Apple is once again the world’s most valuable brand, and for the first time, they’re the fifth-largest PC maker in the world. The numbers from IDC put Apple in the number five spot, knocking out Asus from the list of the top PC makers by shipments in a market that contracted slightly in the last quarter.

Microsoft has updated Skype with a new interface ahead of the OS X Yosemite launch, with Macworld noting the new ability to talk and chat simultaneously in the new version. (I’m pretty sure that was possible before, but maybe not.)

There are some people who are moving towards more and more Google apps on their iPhones. Then there are people like Rene Ritchie of iMore, who have stopped using Google apps on his iPhone — and before you think it’s some personal vendetta against Google, it’s because the apps all have small usability flaws.

Ars Technica says the iPhone 6 Plus is a great gaming device, if you don’t mind holding it with two hands. One-handed usage might be OK if you’re sending a message or scrolling through some tweets, but most games will require two-handed input anyway.

John Gruber from Daring Fireball says the main reason people aren’t upgrading to iOS 8 is not only because of the multitude of software issues that have plagued the release, but because the update requires a huge amount of free space. People with 8 or 16GB devices aren’t magically going to free up 5GB of storage space overnight, and plenty of people don’t know about plugging into iTunes to do the update.

Finally this morning, the design team from Apple welcomes you to the iPhone 6. May or may not be the actual design team from Apple.

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