Wednesday Morning News

2Let’s get this one out of the way: there’s two sides of the U2 album promotion from Apple. Either you sit on the side explained by Peter Cohen of iMore, looking a gift horse in the mouth and taking issue with a free album that cost you literally nothing, or you take Marco Arment’s stance on the issue and call it a sloppy, hamfisted execution of a promotion that could have been handled so much better. Either way, U2’s album has been accessed over 33 million times.

And while I’m at it, before the iPhone had NFC, people were angry. Now the iPhone has NFC, and people are still angry. This time, they’re angry because you won’t be able to use NFC in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus for anything other than Apple Pay, at least initially. Speculation says NFC will be limited to Apple for the time being, just like Touch ID was for a year before being opened up to developers as part of iOS 8.

Speaking of which, Apple are approving iOS 8 apps that have been submitted to the App Store. However, MacRumors says extensions in those apps aren’t working, even on devices running the iOS 8 Gold Master. Meanwhile, Microsoft has confirmed their OneNote app will support extensions in iOS 8, letting users share web pages and other items to the OneNote app.

I was wondering if we’d ever see consequences for all the iPhone part leaks that happened before the actual release, and it looks as though we will. One Foxconn worker has reportedly been detained for stealing iPhone 6 shells, selling them onto anonymous sources in Shenzhen (who then presumably leaked them to blogs).

The second part of Tim Cook’s interview with Charlie Rose reveals he doesn’t want Apple to be a “treasure trove” of data for the NSA, re-affirming Apple’s commitment to privacy and security. You can’t watch the second part just yet, but it should be available on Hulu shortly.

9to5Mac know how Apple Retail Stores are going to operate on iPhone 6 launch day. From what I can see, there’s not that much different to previous launch days, with customers in line being assigned tickets depending on what kind of customer they are (walk-in or personal pickup).

ILounge has a first look at the iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case. They have a very similar design to the current iPhone 5 leather cases, and presumably wear in much the same way, too.

TUAW check out the Favourites and Recents list in iOS 8 as a faster way to get in touch. Both are accessible from the fast app switcher, and give two-tap access to call the people you want to contact.

One article claims Kickstarter was the main inspiration behind the Apple Watch, but I don’t see it. Sure, there were a number of Kickstarters which introduced the concept of having a connected watch to the masses (hi, Pebble!), but I think Apple Watch is still in a league of its own, despite the success of Kickstarters like the LunaTik series.

Following on from my piece yesterday regarding how I’m switching back to the iPhone, one individual who strongly prefers Android did the strangest thing and pre-ordered an iPhone. There’s plenty of reasons why the iPhone 6 will be pretty great, all of which add up to one seriously compelling device.

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