Tuesday Morning News

iphone_6_1-still0031We’re now less than 24 hours away from Apple’s next event, their first since WWDC in June. With the part leaks for the next iPhone all but complete, all we need now is a release date. One source claims both the 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhones will be available on September 19th, with the larger of the two perhaps in limited quantities.

One advantage of the larger iPhone will be its ability to handle landscape orientations more gracefully. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always felt the landscape orientation on iPhones to be slightly more cramped than I would like. The iPhone 5, with its taller (but not wider) screen did nothing to alleviate this issue, but rumour has it the 5.5-inch iPhone can run apps in landscape without feeling restricted.

IPhone size discussion from Marco Arment says the time is right for Apple to be releasing larger screened phones. There’s still no need to go completely overboard with phone screen size, but larger phones are frequently being seen as an acceptable trade-off for all the advantages a larger screen brings.

A piece from Dr Drang has similar thoughts regarding larger phones, but poses an intriguing question regarding the outgoing 4-inch model. There are plenty of people (myself included) who want a larger iPhone, but there are just as many who think the current size of the iPhone is perfectly OK. It’s unlikely we’ll see a small iPhone refresh this year, but maybe next year. Of course, size is all relative, as Lukas Mathis writes.

But enough about the iPhone, what about the Apple’s wearable? Universally dubbed as the “iWatch”, we’re all expecting Apple to jump on stage tomorrow morning and give us one product, even when rumours claim it’ll be an entirely new product category, with multiple devices in various colour options and styles. If so, what’s perhaps even more impressive is that Apple has managed to keep all this under wraps — if there are multiple models of Apple’s wearables, why haven’t we seen any part leaks, when the iPhone has been leaked to the ends of the earth?

John Moltz doesn’t want notifications on his wearable, would love some kind of mobile payments system integrated into it, and hey, if it just happens to tell the time, then that’s kind of a bonus. You can read his thoughts on Apple’s potential wearable on his blog. A summary of everything we know about Apple’s wearable is over at World of Apple, covering everything from the display, what it’ll do, and Apple’s focus on fashion into one neat piece.

Either way, TUAW writes the smartwatch bar is embarrassingly low (a competing product has just 12 hours of battery life), meaning it’s Apple’s for the taking. Smartwatches as we know them are overly bulky and don’t provide any kind of utility in return — a compromise with no apparent trade-off.

Payment systems for Apple products have been long-rumoured, but will we finally see them in the next iPhone? Jean-Louise Gasée says Apple are playing it safe in this regard — they don’t want to usurp the big players. One rumour says they might even introduce some kind of rewards system, like some kind of loyalty rewards program.

As part of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s added security for iCloud users, Apple are now sending emails whenever your iCloud account is accessed from the web.

Pieces from John Moltz at Macworld and Rene Ritchie at iMore detail Apple’s upcoming product announcements. Ritchie says it’s the big one, while Moltz writes we all have an addiction to rumours. Whatever Apple announce tomorrow, you can rest assured the world will be watching Cook and Co with a keen eye. “ultimately, the unveiling on Tuesday will reveal whether Apple can still be the company that its fans and customers want it so badly to be”, the LA Times writes.

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