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10584-2900-140924-Test_Fest-lLiving in Australia sometimes means we miss out on the coolest stuff. Like this morning’s iOS 8.0.1 update, which dropped and contained fixes for third-party keyboards and re-introduced HealthKit as an official feature. The update was promptly pulled after reports of “no service” and broken Touch ID, with many users unable to receive or make calls. Restoring back to iOS 8.0 reportedly fixes the issue, if you were unlucky enough to update your device before Apple pulled it. Speculation says Apple will re-release the update as soon as later today.

Speculation says Apple won’t hit a Valentine’s Day release date for the Apple Watch, even though that kind of timing would be perfect. A new profile from The Information claims Apple wants some more time for development, which boils down to Apple refining the software and the apps before releasing the Apple Watch on the world. Just so long as they’re not releasing it and then pulling it from sale, I’m all for that.

Apple are continuing to add features to the website, with 9to5Mac reporting the addition of a Photos app sometime in the near future. While visiting various URLs doesn’t load any kind of photos-related webapp (yet!), it’s likely the Photos webapp will allow users to view their photos via the iCloud website in lieu of Apple releasing Photos for OS X.

Let the record show that on this day in September, John Gruber of Daring Fireball praised Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo for “nailing it” with regards to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus rumours. Ming-Chi Kuo was accurate in his predictions dating back to April, hitting the nail on the head with his exact iPhone screen dimensions and features.

DxOMark has looked at the camera in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and concluded that it sets the gold standard for smartphone image quality. Both devices rank in a 82 overall, with minor differences in photo and video quality between both models: the 6 Plus ranks one point higher in photo quality than the iPhone 6, but the iPhone 6, in turn, ranks one point higher in video quality than the iPhone 6 Plus, despite the latter’s inclusion of optical image stabilisation.

MacStories chatted to a few developers about how App Bundles were working out for them, and the reception was mostly positive.

Apple has invited members of the AppleSeed beta program to a “test fest” event to give the AirDrop features of OS X Yosemite a thorough run-through before the official release. It’s a good move, since AirDrop between OS X and iOS will finally be possible with the release of OS X Yosemite on the Mac side of things, with iOS 8 already supporting the feature.

In other news, Touch ID is still vulnerable to a specialised fake fingerprint hack involving replica fingerprints. MacRumors: “The technique requires a hacker to lift a suitable fingerprint from a solid surface and create a copy using forensic techniques that require specialized equipment. If done properly, these replica fingerprints can activate the Touch ID sensors on both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5s.”

I know banking apps usually aren’t great to get excited about, but the folks from Ferocia have a pretty great-looking banking app for Bendigo Bank customers. Meanwhile, it appears the Bank of Melbourne iOS app is the first Australian banking app to support Touch ID-based logins, with the St George app not too far behind.

For every iOS 8 app that’s been updated to include a widget, there’s another that has a slightly crappier widget.

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  1. If a hacker could be arsed to do that to gain access to my phone via touch-id I’d tip my hat to him.

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