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BxxJq_0CcAA3-LxApple released iOS 8 to the masses earlier this morning, and since this is the largest update since the App Store, there’s plenty of news this morning regarding iOS 8 itself and the changes it brings to the app ecosystem. Let’s get started.

First up is a review from iMore, who have a huge piece on every possible aspect of Apple’s mobile OS. There’s more screenshots than anyone could ever want, and it’s extremely comprehensive. Ars Technica have a similar review, but go on to talk about what iOS 8 performance is like on older devices. Specifically, the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, answering the questions you have about how iOS 8 runs on the oldest non-Retina device and smallest-screened iPhone, respectively.

There’s so many new features in iOS 8 that covering them all would take up volumes. Besides, you probably know about the headlining features, so what else is new? MacStories shares a few tips and tricks in iOS 8, paying attention to all the little details in Apple’s apps that weren’t given time on stage. One such feature is support for the privacy-conscious DuckDuckGo search engine in Mobile Safari, now a selectable option.

One of the biggest features in iOS 8 is support for third-party keyboards. Swype and Swiftkey are both available from the App Store ($1.29 and free, respectively), but there are others out there. 9to5Mac checks out some of the ones worth trying, and both The Verge and MacStories have similar keyboard roundups.

If you’re doing the upgrade on-device, iOS 8 wants anywhere from 4.7GB to 6.9GB of free space available. Why? Because it needs all that space to move a lot of files around, not to mention the update itself is upwards of 1GB to download. If you’re lacking the space to install the update, 9to5Mac has a few tips on making room ā€” alternatively, you can plug your iPhone into iTunes and do the update that way. (If you haven’t backed up in a while it might be a good idea to do that before you update, too.)

It wouldn’t be a major iOS 8 update without the apps, and there’s plenty here, too. One of the biggest updates is Touch ID support for third-party developers, and 1Password 5 for iOS 8 is probably the app that gets the most out of that. Extensions mean 1Password can now fill logins in other apps as well as Mobile Safari, and the best part is, 1Password is now free with in-app purchases. MacStories, once again, has as review. MacStories also checks out Transmit for iOS 8 ā€” I’d never think an FTP client would work, but the guys at Panic have done a stellar job, judging from the review.

IOS 8 will prompt you to upgrade to iCloud Drive once you’re back up and running, but that might not be such a great idea just yet. Macworld explains, saying iCloud drive requires iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite ā€” the latter of which hasn’t been released by Apple just yet, meaning you’ll likely experience headaches trying to access your documents from your Mac.

MacRumours reports HealthKit support in iOS 8 apps has been delayed, with Apple promising a fix by the end of September. Apple has pulled HealthKit-compatible apps from the App Store in the meantime.

It’s not quite iOS 8, but a similar update on the Apple TV brings a new design, a Beats music channel, and support for all the features in iOS 8.

Amongst all the iOS 8 news this morning, let’s not forget the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus reviews that went up last night. The Verge has separate reviews of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as they’re both different devices, while Engadget looks at the new phones from the perspective of a market that considers smartphones with larger screens to be old hat.

Jim Dalrymple from The Loop and John Gruber of Daring Fireball, on the other hand, prefer to look at the iPhones 6 together, evaluating both devices in day-to-day usage. They both have very good reviews, but there are no real surprises here: the iPhone 6 is a bigger iPhone, and the iPhone 6 Plus is the biggest iPhone you’ve ever seen.

This morning’s header image by @dannolan, who tweeted the best reason to stick with the stock keyboard earlier this morning.

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