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DSCF7862_verge_super_wideAfter Apple released a statement saying just nine customers had complained about the iPhone 6 bending problem, they let a few tech journos into their facility for testing iPhone durability. The Verge writes that some of the tests can be considered “torture tests” which test the strength of Apple’s products, but many are also testing for real-world stress scenarios, attempting to determine if a particular product will fail when pressure is applied in a particular way, for example. If you like photos of automated equipment poking, pressing, and twisting iPhones, then there’s a treasure trove just after the jump. Meanwhile, Consumer Reports has done its own independent testing, putting the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 series of devices up against competing Android smartphones. While the phones aren’t indestructible, Consumer Reports found that all iPhones performed better than Apple’s specs when tested against the three-point bend test.

Apple’s competitors jumped on the “bendgate” bandwagon like it was going out of fashion, with Samsung taking the opportunity to clarify their latest Galaxy Note Edge had a deliberately curved display, and is not, in fact, bent. AppleInsider says this has all happened before, with the people creating these kinds of controversies often achieving the opposite of what they set out to do.

In a statement to iMore, Apple says they’re aware of the Shellshock exploit affecting computers running the Bash command shell. “With OS X, systems are safe by default and not exposed to remote exploits of bash unless users configure advanced UNIX services. We are working to quickly provide a software update for our advanced UNIX users”, a spokesperson for Apple said.

With iOS 8.0.2 out the door, Apple are wasting no time in promoting HealthKit-enabled apps. A new section on the App Store called Apps for Health has a list of HealthKit-comptible apps. The section doesn’t appear to be on the Australian App Store at time of writing, but should pop up in the next day or so. 9to5Mac says FitPort ($2.49 on the App Store) is one of the first apps compatible with HealthKit.

It doesn’t look as though the iPhone 6 supports playback of HD audio files, contrary to previous rumours which claimed the feature was being included as part of iOS 8. Mashable tested playback of high-definition, 24-bit, 96KHz audio files, and while the hardware is technically capable, it doesn’t look as if Apple has enabled the feature.

Macworld takes a look at the latest apps with Notification Center widgets. Developers are adding support for widgets at an incredible pace, even if sometimes, they draw the ire of Apple when doing so. As discussed in the forums, Launcher was removed from the App Store by Apple for being able to launch apps from the Notification Center.

I’ve haven’t really been using QuickType in iOS 8 because it’s often faster to tap out what I want to say, but when I’m responding to a question with a simple yes or no, I’ll use it. A lot of attention to detail that went into the autocorrect and predictive typing features in iOS 8, and over at Macdrifter, Gabe has some tips on using auto-completion in iOS 8.

Daniel Jalkut writes the form factor of the iPhone 5 is something worth keeping around, particularly for running and being able to fit a non-bulky device with you. I’ve read a few things that people want iPhone 6 features in an iPhone 4 body, which I think is pretty crazy, but iPhone 6 features in an iPhone 5 body? I’d have to think about it.

Randomised MAC addresses in iOS 8 help protect your privacy from hotspots that capture those details for tracking and/or ad-serving purposes, but that’s only half the story. One security company discovered a number of conditions need to be met for the device to randomise its MAC address, some of which mean your device will hardly ever randomise its MAC address, if at all.

If there was ever an example of a real-world object making the jump to the electronic one, the new Post-It Plus app would be it. It lets you capture your post-it notes, then organise and share them with others. It kind of reminds me of smart whiteboards that let you print out whatever’s written on them, only better.

If the iPhone 6 Plus is this year’s gold iPhone, then what is the Gold Phone? With pricing starting at a touch over AU $13,000, a damn expensive iPhone, for one.

Scoopertino makes light of the iPhone 6 bending issue with their piece on Apple announcing an entire lineup of bendable products. The MacBook Air Flex bends all the rules again, they say…

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