Monday Morning News

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow that we’re just over a week from the official unveiling of the next iPhone, the part leaks are coming thick and fast. High-quality photos of the next iPhone’s rear shell have been shown, with coloured bands suggesting the device will come in various colour options.

Some folks have got their hands on a complete logic board for the next iPhone, confirming the presence of an NFC chip from NXP. The confirmation of NFC via a tiny chip buried on the back of the logic board ends years of speculation regarding NFC support in the next iPhone, and may even be the move that kicks NFC into the mainstream despite being a feature on many other consumer devices for years.

You always know we’re getting close to an iPhone launch when people can build an entire iPhone from parts. And that’s kind of happened, with the assembled iPhone booting to the Recovery Mode screen, displaying a Lightning cable and the iTunes icon. This, in turn, supports the theory of a 1334×750 display, just as John Gruber predicted. 3x image assets in the latest iOS 8 beta also support the theory of an @3x display.

Re/code says Apple will need to sign up partners for its push into mobile payments, and according to Re/code’s sources, Apple has reached an agreement with American Express. The news comes after Apple reached a similar agreement with Visa, and after Apple held discussions with credit card vendors. If we assume that Visa and American Express are in the bag, the only other company left is MasterCard.

Sobering news regarding Apple’s wearable dampens the iPhone news somewhat, as Re/code says Apple’s wearable won’t ship until next year. And if that wasn’t enough to rain on your parade, they’re also saying Apple has considered a $400 price point for the device, which might put it beyond impulse-buy territory for some.

A lengthy 9-part article on 9to5Mac explains Apple’s PR spin over the years. From what I’ve read so far, it provides a rare insight into the various PR divisions within Apple, as well as some idea of how they deal with stories that affect the public perception of Apple as a company.

In an attempt to communicate more with developers (or be more like Buzzfeed, I’m not too sure), Apple has published a list of the top ten reasons for app rejections. The somewhat ambiguous “more information needed” tops the list, with crashes/bugs and non-compliance with the Apple Developer Agreement following behind.

Using OS X Yosemite can result in locked iCloud documents, and the advice is to not use the Yosemite developer preview with an iCloud account with data you care about.

Gabe from MacDrifter tells us about making a keyboard shortcut for the help menu, which might just end up being the shortcuts of all shortcuts.

The Instagram engineering blog has a look at the technology behind Hyperlapse, spilling the beans on how the app does its video-smoothing trickery. But the design details of Hyperlapse are slightly more interesting, giving us a neat look at how the little touches add up to one great app.

Ben Bajarin of Techpinions doesn’t think there will be a 5.5-inch iPhone. He backs up his skepticism with a few well-crafted theories, explaining that phablets don’t account for the majority of sales outside of Asia, despite trends towards larger-screened devices in all markets.

Detecting jaundice in newborns? There’s actually an app for that, which takes a snapshot with an index card for comparison and baseline purposes, then analyses the shot using cloud processing. But perhaps the more interesting app is Emojili, the emoji-only messaging app for the emoji-only social network that people on Twitter went crazy over a few months back. Free, on the App Store.

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