iCloud Storage Upgrades Are Live In Australia


First announced at WWDC, the new iCloud storage options have just gone live in Australia. The 20GB tier is priced at $1.29, 200GB at $4.99 and 500GB at $12.99, while 1TB clocks in at $24.99 (all prices in AUD).

While the pricing doesn’t compare favourably with options such as Google Drive or Dropbox, the ability to back up iOS devices automatically and the new Photos app in iOS 8 is something of a mitigating factor.

Let us know which storage tier you’re going with – or your alternative solution of choice – in the forums!

Notable Replies

  1. Bumpity bump!

    Australia (AUD)
    50GB: $1.49
    200GB: $4.49
    1TB: $14.99
    2TB: $29.99

    2TB plan released today ahead of next week’s event, no discount for bulk though - costs double (plus 1c) the 1TB plan.

  2. Angus says:

    sigh was hoping for a value increase in the 200GB plan. But at least they appear to be increasing storage tiers faster than the rate that I can fill it.

  3. Erwin says:

    Been waiting for ages for the 2 Tb plan. This is awesome.

    EDIT: signed up, tried to upload photo library and realised 2 tb not enough so had to ask for a refund which I have just received. Oh well.

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