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apple-watch-photosLeading up to the launch of the iPhone 6, there was endless speculation about whether the device would have a sapphire display. Some analysts thought it would, others weren’t so sure. Now that we know, definitively, that the iPhone 6 does not come with a sapphire display, there’s just one question left to answer: why? The problem, as reported by MacRumors, is that finishers in China were having issues creating the curved edge of the display on the sapphire covers GT Advanced were shipping out, which led to missing the window by “weeks”.

With Apple planning to ship 80 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units by the end of 2014, The Verge writes there’s only one question that really matters: will you be getting the iPhone 6, or the iPhone 6 Plus? We have a poll in a forums for that very question, given the size concerns with a substantially larger device. Laugh all you want, but putting an iPhone into a pocket is a real problem for many users. (IPhone 6 pre-orders open at 5pm today, according to major carriers.)

Now that we know you’ll have to charge the Apple Watch nightly, what about the dimensions of the thing? Details surrounding the Apple Watch are thin on the ground, given it’s not being released in the next few months, but luckily, we have smart people on the internet reverse-engineering the dimensions of Apple Watch. Slightly thicker than an iPhone 5/5s, and about the same thickness as two iPhone 6s, if the latter is a meaningful measure of thickness.

But since the Apple Watch works with Apple Pay, how does it make sure the person paying for stuff is actually the owner of the device? A cool feature uses skin contact to validate Apple Pay purchases. 9to5Mac details how it all works.

If Apple Pay was the most revolutionary of Apple’s announcements on Wednesday, then Apple giving the U2 ablum to everyone with an iTunes account is definitely the most controversial. There’s no way to permanently remove the album from your account without contacting Apple support, but you can hide it from your iTunes library with a few steps from Macworld. I’ve heard people (seriously or not) considering taking Apple to the courts for violating the Spam Act, but this collection of tweets from people who found a U2 album on their devices is pretty funny.

One rumour states Apple are set to acquire Path in order to bolster their social cred. Apple’s tried social before with Ping, and one could even argue iMessage is a social platform of sorts. But they’re no Facebook, and social is where its at: just look at Instagram. Or WhatsApp.

If you were an iCloud customer who previously upgraded to a higher storage tier, Apple will automatically upgrade you to the appropriate new storage tier, also giving you a partial refund of the difference.

ITunes 11.4 was released yesterday, adding support for syncing with iOS 8, which is due out next week on September 17th.

If I was getting the larger of the two new iPhones, I’d be looking forward to how developers would be using the extra space. I’m actually kind of bummed I’ll be missing out on that aspect, as one iOS game developer has already confirmed he’ll be updating Galcon for larger-screen support.

Harry McCracken over at Time has the video of Steve Jobs demonstrating the Mac to the public. It’s the first time the footage has been seen since 1984, reminding us of a leader that wasn’t around for the development of Apple’s latest product, the Apple Watch.

Notable Replies

  1. I did wonder though if we did get a sapphire display if it’d have the same oleophobic coating on top of it like the existing ones. What good is tough glass if the coating scratches to buggery?

    The whole U2 thing has me both perplexed and amused. Why the ageing rockers were there in the first place is beyond me. Apple’s image is one of youthfulness and innovation and U2 hasn’t been either of those things for a long time now. The whole thing was uncomfortable to watch. But for people to be genuinely outraged that they scored a free album makes me laugh. I’m convinced social media exists so people can be outraged about the stupidest of things.

  2. I thought the entire point of the sapphire display was that it was one of the hardest substances known to man and not prone to scratching? Unless you mean oleophobic in terms of oil-resistance…

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