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iphone6-camThe real deal. That’s what they’re saying about the latest leaked pictures of the iPhone 6 backplate, and if the photos are anything to go by, there’s no blurrycam here: only the highest-resolution photos. The level of detail in the shots certainly supports the theory of genuine parts. Even the rear shell features the circular True Tone flash as featured in yesterday’s news.

Apple has released their diversity report, and it probably comes as no surprise to say Apple are a company made up of mostly male caucasians, at least in the US. Apple CEO Tim Cook published a note with the release of the reporting, saying “as CEO, I’m not satisfied with the numbers on this page”. 9to5Mac has republished his thoughts on Apple’s diversity in full, and ifoAppleStore has the Apple Retail perspective on the numbers, which may be the current biggest contributor to Apple’s diversity. Or perhaps more accurately, lack thereof.

Bloomberg reports new iPads with an anti-reflective coating will go into production, but I’m not so sure about the idea. Anti-glare screen protectors usually divide people: some people love them because it means they can use their devices outdoors without being blinded, but others say the added texture makes the iPhone display less vibrant and harder to see in all situations. Maybe a screen with an integrated anti-glare feature would be better, though.

Sources say Apple are planning to roll out HealthKit to medical professionals across the US. Unlike FaceTime, it seems HealthKit will actually become an open standard that will cut some medical red tape and make things easier for both patients and doctors.

The latest enterprise market share numbers show Apple dominating the space despite Android devices gaining steam. IOS devices accounted for 67% of global device activations — a 5% dip from previous results, but yeah, clearly still right up there.

There’s still a problem with 2011-era MacBook Pros where the graphics card will fail just like they did in iMacs from the similar time period, but Apple are still refusing to acknowledge there’s a problem, insofar as they haven’t released an official replacement program like they did for the iMacs.

If you’re buying a used iPhone, it’s probably a good idea to check for Activation Lock before handing over your well-earned. Reason being, if Activation Lock is still active and you don’t have the original owner’s iCloud details, you might as well use your new iPhone as a paperweight. A paperweight with some nice chamfered edges, mind you, but a paperweight nonetheless.

The iPad Air heralds a new generation of mobile productivity, thanks to two things. Rene Ritchie at iMore says that because it’s not as complex at a computer, it’s easier to pick up and use, and because it’s all touch-based, interaction is easy and feels more natural.

Apple’s tribute to Robin Williams showcases some of his films on the iTunes Store. On another note: it’s been far too long since I saw Dead Poet’s Society.

TUAW reveals there’s a copy of the US Constitution stored on every Mac. It’s hidden in the Dictionary app, but when I attempted to pull up the page in their screenshot all I got was results from Wikipedia. Strange.

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  1. Activation lock is set to become an issue for many people, I’ve read article about refurbishing and trade in programs running into massive issues with physically perfect phones :frowning:

    When the father in law got his first iPhone 4 (which he still uses) he went it alone and fumbled through setting it up… problem is he ended up with an account which is his iCloud account on that device and of course he doesn’t remember his password… and the recovery email is an account he no longer has… and he set a custom question to unlock it… the question is “Custom Question?” which of course he has NFI what it is.

    Long story short, a call to Apple confirms that unless he can find proof of purchase he’s completely boned (and of course he can’t find anything from back then). So while he can keep using this phone in it’s current form he can’t do much else with it in the future.

    On the upside he’s planning a new iPhone this year so will just have to start fresh with that phone and a new iCloud account. (which also means he has near ZERO interest in attempting to track down proof of purchase which is sad since the phone has spent it’s entire life in a case an is in great nic).

  2. Thanks for the news as always! There’s a 404 error on the backplate link

  3. FYI, this is the correct link:

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