Wednesday Morning News

img_9278Re/code have the news this morning Apple will hold their iPhone event on September 9. They name no source for their claim of Apple scheduling a big media event, but the news is consistent with previous rumours stating a mid-September announcement for the next iPhone. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see — if their news is on the money, the invites can’t be too much further away.

July was a record month for the App Store, with Apple telling CNBC July was a record-setting month for App Store revenue. No specific numbers were given either by CNBC or Apple CEO Tim Cook’s tweet, but Apple did mention July also saw a record number of App Store transactions.

Apple has filed for HealthKit trademarks in the US and Europe, with their EU trademark asking for protection under the category of “computers and peripherals and health, fitness, and medical sensors and services”, as well as timekeeping devices including watches, watch bands, and jewellery, as noted by AppleInsider.

In other Apple patent news, AppleInsider also had the scoop on Apple being granted a patent for magnetically-powered devices. Their patent for “combining power from multiple resonance magnetic receivers in resonance magnetic power system” describes a wireless power supply that could one day replace batteries in low-power devices by supplying a constant source of power via magnetic charging, such as keyboards and mice.

Changes to the way Gatekeeper recognises signed apps in OS X 10.9.5 and OS X Yosemite developer preview 5 mean developers will have to re-sign their apps using Mavericks or later. Version 1 signatures created from signing apps with anything older than Mavericks won’t be recognised by Gatekeeper, so developers will have to re-sign their apps if they want them to continue running. Apple also notes Version 2 signed apps will run on older versions of OS X.

Steve Jobs’s vision for shared Wi-Fi networks was essentially the Guest networking feature of current AirPort wireless routers, but open and shared with all. Re/code details how the idea could work, providing a network of Wi-Fi networks that would leave computers and other networked devices secure from someone just jumping on your Wi-Fi, but also allowing guests to roam across Wi-Fi networks much like they do on mobile towers today.

Australian developers Bjango launched iStat Menus 5 yesterday, with hundreds of new features and improvements. IStat Menus 5 has an updated design for both OS X Mavericks and Yosemite, with better stats and usability all round. You can upgrade from iStat Menus 3 or 4 for US $10, otherwise iStat Menus is $16.

Part two of the most enduring and endearing features of OS X over the years covers everything from Lion to Yosemite, with the latter solving real problems and bringing some tightly-knit integration with Apple’s mobile platform, iOS.

9to5Mac has a review of a felt sleeve for the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro and the 11-inch MacBook Air. There’s little in way of protection here, but at the same time it’s a lot less bulky (and, depending on your taste, a lot more stylish) than other offerings.

Interestingly, TUAW canned all three of their podcasts overnight, but said the move gives them the opportunity to work on other projects. One such project is Slices of Apple, a series of upcoming videos that will examine what makes Apple tick.

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