Tuesday Morning News

settingsA leaked schematic of the upcoming iPhone points to possible NFC support and an unknown amount of RAM. Previous rumours reported the RAM as 1GB, but those were later dismissed as inaccurate due to the schematic pointing to an amount of NAND storage, not RAM. AppleInsider uses a lot more words than I do to explain the same thing.

Apple has released Developer Preview 6 of OS X Yosemite, and interestingly enough, MacRumors points out that Apple aren’t updating the public beta as often as they are the developer preview builds of Yosemite. Visible changes in this preview include a new look and feel for System Preferences, new wallpapers, and a number of icon updates.

Apple’s “Misunderstood” TV ad has won an Emmy for Most Outstanding Commercial. The ad received almost universal praise when it launched late last year, coming from Apple’s long-time ad agency TWBA, so it’s good to see it get some well-deserved recognition.

For anyone that thinks existing music streaming apps are too complex, too overburndened with features, there’s Albums for iPhone, as reviewed by MacStories. All it does it let you play your favourite albums, and as someone who only started listening to entire albums (as opposed to just one or two tracks), this is definitely something I’ll have to check out.

The Ten One Design Magnus Air is a super lightweight iPad stand that isn’t bulky. It props up any iPad at an angle comfortable for viewing, perfect for when you need to look at something when doing something else — I can definitely see this being used in the kitchen, for example. How does it work, I hear you ask? Magnets.

Today, on Kickstarter: a Bluetooth padlock, capable of being unlocked via a smartphone app. The Noke Padlock pairs to your iOS device or Android, and can then unlock the padlock with one tap. If that sounds like your thing, you can pick up a Noke for $59, shipping February next year.

Ars Technica details the story of a third-party iPhone screen replacement. Such a repair voids any warranty you may have, but also comes at a greatly reduced cost compared to what you’d pay from Apple. If you’ve smashed your iPhone screen a few times, it might be worth considering.

What’s with these broken iPhone stories today? Over at Macworld, Rob Griffiths was fortunate his thoroughly water-soaked device lived after he pulled it apart, blasting compressed air everywhere, and putting it back together — twice. Water damage is a fickle thing, though, and there’s definitely the possibility of lingering damage.

The maker of Flappy Bird has a new game, and Touch Arcade go hands-on with Swing Copter. Watch the gameplay video and tell me if it reminds you of anything.

The biggest lesson Mark Kawano learned as an Apple designer is that Apple makes deadlines, like any other company, but they’re willing to change them if things don’t work out.

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