Tuesday Morning News

9c047e07gw1eiyg5836d5j20hs0vlgooOne analyst is saying Apple could equip the larger of the two upcoming iPhone models with a more powerful processor than its smaller-screened sibling, only to then give us exactly zero reasons why that might be the case. I guess that’s why analysts get paid the big bucks — pat on the back, job well done, etc, etc. If I had to guess, the processor might be the same but clocked faster on the larger model due to a higher TDP.

What’s claimed to be the rear shell of the next iPad Air has been leaked, showing off larger speaker holes, recessed volume controls, and a new microphone next to the rear camera lens. There’s no cutout for the mute switch so 9to5Mac isn’t really sure how legitimate the part is, but it does give us an idea of how subtle the changes on the next iPad will be.

Update Tuesday delivered the goods overnight, with Apple releasing new developer betas of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. MacRumors documents a number of changes to iOS 8 beta 5, including the new feature of SMS relay if you’re running OS X Yosemite on your Mac.

Similarly, MacRumors have also pointed out changes in the fifth developer preview of OS X Yosemite, with a slightly new look for System Preferences, download progress bar for the Launchpad icon in the Dock, and updated Volume/Brightness controls to bring them in line with the new, translucent design of OS X Yosemite.

A new beta of Apple TV software sees flatter icons and new typography for the Apple TV interface, replacing their previous glossy effects with a more matte appearance. Reflections have been completely removed, the glow toned right back, and the grid of “apps” remains for the time being.

The latest Apple hire is one Musa Tariq, who joins Apple to lead up their social media efforts as digital marketing director (as reported by @ifoStore). Tariq was previously Ahrendts’ confidant and a former Nike exec — he’s also worked for Burberry as their head of strategy and innovation for social media.

Adobe are going all-out now that Apple has announced the death of Aperture, today releasing a guide on how to transition from Aperture to Adobe’s own Lightroom. Adobe has also announced they’ll be working on a software tool to make the process even easier, but how much of your Aperture data will be migrated still remains to be seen.

Jean-Louise Gasée has written about the death of Apple and Intel’s partnership, a topic that’s been talked about numerous times before. Gasée says cost is the primary factor Apple will move away from Intel, as if they’re putting their own silicon in their MacBook Pros, it’ll mean the end of paying Intel good money for each of their i7s. Performance, interestingly enough, wasn’t mentioned in his piece, but even that may play less of a part when computers get powerful enough, as opposed to being too slow for many users.

The Mac Observer looks at the most enduring and endearing features of OS X over the years, and part one of the feature covers everything from Cheetah all the way through to Snow Leopard. Note that John Martellaro is talking about features — otherwise, surely, the pinstripes would have made the cut.

Bioshock is coming to iOS as something other than a free app with in-app purchases (hint: you’ll have to pay for it), and Touch Arcade goes hands-on with a demo version running on an iPad Air.

Oh, and one more thing: the One More Thing iOS developer conference Anthony Agius and Lauren Watson put on for a few years is coming to an end, at least for the time being. An announcement posted to the One More Thing website yesterday said the conference had entered sleep mode and thanked everyone that was involved over the years.

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