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ip60011If something stuck out from the iPhone rumours yesterday, it was the photo which showed off a strange protrusion on the rear of the next iPhone. It isn’t the first time we’ve heard of this bulging mass, which looks suspiciously like the one on the back of the iPod touch. Speculation says it’s because the camera/lens needs a thicker housing than the iPhone 6 will actually be, but honestly, maybe it’s because Apple want to show off their anti-scratch sapphire lens covers.

Another rumour says the next-generation iPad Air will get a memory boost to 2GB, instead of the 1GB in the current model iPad Air. The rumour also claims only the iPad Air will get this RAM boost, with the next Retina iPad mini getting no such buff.

It’s no secret that Brazil doesn’t like Secret. In fact, it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to say they really, really don’t like it. So much so that they’re pushing for Google and Apple to wipe the anonymous sharing app off user’s phones. Apple and Google have 10 days to comply, otherwise they’ll be fined US $8,870 per day, Ars Technica reports.

9to5Mac reveals Apple has activated screen sharing via iMessage/FaceTime/Apple ID accounts in the latest OS X Yosemite beta. The notifications are interactive, you can block users, and the permissions seem sane enough.

Apple are leading the EPEAT category for tablets, and because the category is brand new, Apple’s iPads account for 134 of 135 models of tablet listed. “While Apple is represented by the various configurations of the iPad Air, the iPad mini, the iPad with Retina display and the iPad mini with Retina display, the sole non-iPad model currently on the list is the Dell Venue 11 Pro”, says MacRumors.

The latest version of Parallels, Parallels Desktop 10, brings compatibility with OS X Yosemite (as both a client and server, I assume) as well as the usual performance improvements. Owners of a previous version of Parallels can upgrade today for US $55, otherwise the new version will be available in a few days for those looking to grab it for the first time.

NFL Now is a recent addition to the Apple TV which probably won’t mean much to you, unless you’re into American Football (hi, Toby!). It’s an official service which offers access to the “largest digital library of NFL videos available online”. The new Apple TV channel features personlisation features to follow your favourite players and teams, and new content is being added all the time.

IMore has the list of artists performing at this year’s iTunes Festival in London. Even if you can’t make it across the globe for the event live and in colour, you can still watch it via the official app, where Apple will be streaming sessions live.

In iOS app news, Google has launched their Photo Sphere app, letting you create more immersive 360-degree photos than the normal pano mode on the stock camera allows. It’s free on the App Store. Macworld reviews Asana, a fully-featured iOS task manager. And for those of you that are still using Vine, you can now create short video clips from videos from your iOS Camera Roll, as well as other new capture features.

AppleInsider reports one analyst that claims the goal of Apple Stores is still to bring users to the Mac, despite falling revenues in the retail sector.

I knew we’d get here eventually, but we’re finally here: the day that ephemeral messaging has officially jumped the shark with Zeph. It’s the text-messaging app that makes it impossible to screenshot the entirety of your message, thanks to the way it’s displayed on-screen. Cool idea, though.

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  1. I was planning to buy an iPad mini, but if it’s going to miss out on spec bumps just to make the iPad Air look better then I’ll just hold into my ageing iPad 3. I hate that Apple does this.

    You’d think Parallels would open up a subscription model given they provide an upgrade each year that takes advantage of the latest OS improvements. This would be one instance where I’d prefer to subscribe.

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