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siri_ask_screenAnother day, another set of high-quality photos of next-generation iPhone parts. The front panel, power button, and mute switch of the next iPhone have been shown off on camera, and interestingly enough, the front panel appears to have a taper we haven’t seen on any other Apple device before. The new mute switch also appears to have a different switching mechanism compared to previous iPhones.

In Thailand, Apple has received approval to sell two different models of the upcoming iPhone. A1586 and A1524 are the two model numbers that have received certifications from the relevant authorities, but they likely don’t mean anything beyond identifying two separate models just yet.

Rumour has it Apple’s iPhone is at the final stage before mass production. A new report claims the devices will be on track for a September 9th debut, or whenever Apple decide to take the wraps off their latest and greatest. You might have expected Apple would have begun production by now, but I guess the timing is about right if they want to launch the devices next month.

Recent Apple hires ā€” fitness expert and former Nike FuelBand advisor Jay Blahnik and medical research specialist Divya Naghave ā€” have confirmed they’re working on special projects at Apple via updating their LinkedIn profiles to reflect their new positions at Apple. The smart money says they’re part of Apple’s iWatch/wearables team.

Apple could have partnered with anyone for its enterprise partnership, but they chose to go with IBM. The Information says HP also approached Apple with the possibility of a Siri-like personal assistant for the enterprise marketplace, but then Apple went an announced a partnership with IBM instead.

The Kickstarter for ImaginMe will let you create a 3D character of your child and make them the star of the show. It all sounds pretty great, until you get to the part where it’s basically customising various facial features of prebuild models, not creating the 3D models from scratch.

IMore has a guide on freeing up iCloud storage by removing app data you don’t require anymore. Apps can use iCloud storage to sync between iOS devices and Macs, for example, or for documents storage. But if you no longer use those apps, you might want to get rid of their leftovers, too.

Siri’s been out for a few years, and Apple’s personal assistant for iOS devices will gain even more features as part of iOS 8. But 9to5Mac wants to know if you’re using it as a indispensable productivity tool, or just as a cool party trick to impress first-time iOS users?

TUAW writes that App Store curation is under control. Having a team of people comb through 1.2 million apps is a tall order, so perhaps the best way for the App Store to be curated is for algorithms to analyse and detect purchase/download patterns and feature apps that way. And to be fair, there’s plenty of semi-curated content on the App Store already, if you’re looking in the right places.

Apple’s front-page tribute to Robin Williams is simple, and so Apple. “We are deeply saddened by the passing of Robin Williams. He inspired us through his passion, his generosity, and the gift of laughter. He will be greatly missed.”

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