Friday Morning News

10233-2370-Screen-Shot-2014-08-21-at-93503-AM-lPhotos of the rear shell of the larger 5.5-inch iPhone have surfaced and been compared to the smaller 4.7-inch iPhone. It’s nothing you haven’t seen a thousand times before. In other news, leaked schematics suggest the possibility of an iPhone with 128GB of on-board storage, something that only the most dedicated of app and media hoarders will enjoy. Oh, and people coming from 128GB of storage on their iPads.

Apple job postings for Voice over LTE engineers means they’re looking to bolster their own capabilities in the area. Anecdotally, FaceTime Audio over 3G never really gained any serious traction (especially when compared to the popularity of the — admittedly default — iMessage), but with all major carriers both here and abroad working on VoLTE, maybe this is Apple’s time to shine.

A patent application has revealed Apple’s plans for a reversible USB cable, showing they’re at least interested in building something. AppleInsider’s analysis of the patent says such a cable wouldn’t be compliant with the official USB specification, even though similar third party cables have been around for years.

Apple are talking to health insurance companies over possible HealthKit partnerships. And that’s about all we know, because Bloomberg has provided no specifics on their conversations so far. It’s instead speculated that insurance perks could be offered to those with healthy habits, such as regular exercise or a stable sleep pattern. Suddenly, I’m not so sure I want that kind of data shared with anyone.

It’s time to hit up the App Store, as iWork for both Mac and iOS platforms have been updated with “bug fixes and stability improvements”, according to 9to5Mac. IMovie for Mac has also seen an update which fixes issues relating to iCloud.

And if you’re running the OS X Yosemite Public Beta, then you have even more reason to as Apple has released beta 2 of the Yosemite public beta to testers. Ars Technica notes it doesn’t appear as if Apple has hit the million sign-up for the public beta program, so presumably there’s still time to get your beta on. Alternatively, you could just wait a month or two for it to be officially released.

An article on Wired describes how iMessage is being taken over by spammers, with the numbers putting iMessage spam accounting for more than 30% of all mobile spam messages. Being an Apple platform with limited external access, the problem is entirely Apple’s to solve — and seeing as they provide tools to send iMessage spam in the first place, that seems fair enough.

Brett Terpstra has some great keybinds for you to be more productive, complete with animated GIFs of the results of the binds. I, for one, welcome our new keybinded overlords — and had no idea this kind of thing was possible in OS X without some third-party utility.

Lawyers are researching cases where 2011 MacBook Pros with discrete graphics cards have failed, in order for a possible class action lawsuit against Apple for not implementing an official repair program. As previously noted, Apple started a repair program for iMacs with similar graphics cards and from a similar era; as yet, no such program for MacBook Pros exist.

Swing Copters from the maker of Flappy Bird is now live on the App Store, if you’re looking for something to play this weekend. TouchArcade also reviews Size Does Matter, a different game which is kind of like a rhythm-based arcade title. Their gameplay video explains it a little better.

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