Friday Morning News

beats-header-hero-2014“Rumors jump back and forth between Apple using synthetic sapphire glass for the next iPhone display, and sticking with Corning’s Gorilla Glass because there isn’t enough sapphire to meet production needs”, says The Mac Observer regarding sapphire displays on the next iPhone, and you know what? They’re not wrong. In the same article, they go on to talk about the hoard of sapphire GT Advanced have, which shouldn’t be discounted when considering whether the next iPhone will have a sapphire display or not.

Harry McCracken’s has some really sensible questions regarding the next iPhone, now that we have an almost-certain release date and all. Will there be two iPhones, one larger than the other? How are Apple going to handle the larger resolution of the device, given their “Retina” branding? Will the camera be meaningfully better, or just have more megapixels for the sake of spec sheets?

An Apple patent as detailed by AppleInsider keeps the “Siri for OS X” dream alive. The patent makes references to a virtual assistant for the Mac that can handle dictation tasks and perform high-level system commands, which sounds exactly like Siri to me.

Now that they’re all buddy-buddy like, Apple has added a Beats section to their online store. Beats by Dr Dre are in the accessories section, alongside the Apple exclusives and trending items. As you might expect, most (if not all) Beats products are available for sale.

A schedule of Apple’s Campus 2 project shows it’s due to be completed in 2016. The schedule also shows we’re currently in the latter half of the demolition stage, having just started earthwork and building construction.

Apple has seeded a new beta of OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 to developers, with Apple asking developers to focus on USB, USB Smart Cards, graphics, and Thunderbolt.

And here’s why you don’t go hunting down your iPhone with Find My iPhone, if it gets lost or stolen: one such case has ended in the death of the iPhone thief. The death was apparently an act of self defence, as the thief had a previous record of violence and lashed out, stabbing the iPhone owner in the eye when confronted.

A review of Mac App Captured from yours truly a little while ago (which reminds me, I should probably review something else one of these days) looked at whether it could replace Skitch as my screenshot tool of choice. Macworld’s review of Powershot today is more of a look at how it fares as an screenshot annotation tool, but Powershot still has its merits.

Signal is a new iPhone app that says it does free, worldwide encrypted calls. It uses your existing number, and as far as I can tell, uses a data connection to do all of its hocus pocus. Still, it might be worth checking out if you’re privacy-conscious and jealous of the fact something like the Blackphone exists.

Looking for something to play this weekend? We’ve got you covered. Remember that time 4 million people tapped on a cube 25 billion times to reveal what, exactly, was inside the cube? Godus is Peter Molyneux’s latest title, and it launched on iOS yesterday. If that’s not really your thing, check out another pop-culture title: MTN is the “game” from David O’Reilly, the guy who created that weird game Joaquin Phoenix plays in “Her”.

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