Wednesday Morning News

image1Apple posted their Q3 2014 financial results earlier this morning, and the Apple money-making machine is making more money than ever. Apple had a record quarter, with revenue of $37.4 billion and a net profit of $7.7 billion. Device sales, as graphed by Ars Technica, break down like so: the company sold 35.2 million iPhones, 13.28 million iPads, 4.41 million Macs, and 2.93 million iPods. But the fastest growing part of the business is iTunes, with media and mobile app sales up 25% year on year.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting Apple will prepare a “record number” of iPhones for the next launch, somewhere in the vicinity of 80 million units of the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch model. Both are expected to enter production in the coming weeks, with an expected ship date some time in September.

Apple has seeded the latest beta of iOS 8 to developers, and beta 4 features a redesigned Control Center, improvements to the Health app, and more. Apple also includes a new Tips app (as in, tips and tricks for new users), which means we’ll have yet another app to relegate to our unused Apple apps folder, as our forum thread says. IOS 8 beta 4 also brings streaming voice recognition to the standard Apple keyboard, and 9to5Mac’s video of the feature shows it works pretty well. MacRumors had their own roundup of the changes they’ve found so far.

OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 4 was also released yesterday, hand in hand with an updated, redesigned, version of iTunes. There’s also a redesigned Calculator, and improvements to Dark Mode. Intrestingly enough, 9to5Mac says OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 will launch separately, despite the tight integration between the two operating systems.

A rumour says Apple’s next iPad Air could be 30% slimmer than the current model, to launch later this year. The rumour also states this iPad Air sequel will launch with Apple’s A8 processor, but the report itself seems sketchy as 30% thinner is no mean feat.

Apple has been granted a landmark iWatch patent. Dubbed “iTime”, Apple’s patent for a wrist-worn electronic device and methods therefor describes a device which has “augmented strap capabilities”, support for arm and wrist gestures, and advanced proximity sensing, according to AppleInsider. By all accounts, it looks like a removable watch component which can then strap-in to a wrist-worn accessory or band.

A MacBook Air EFI update to address an issue when waking from sleep has ran into problems of its own, with some users experiencing installation issues and crashing.

A news item yesterday claimed iOS allowed for remote monitoring, but Apple’s statement on the matter reaffirms they’ve never worked with any government agencies to create backdoors in any product or service.

In Mac app news, Schnapps is a tool for designers to see how iterative development works. It assembles a time lapse video of your design as you work, automatically saving screenshots of your document preview as you work.

Apple’s new TV ad, Stickers, shows off the many ways people personalise the notebook people love. TechCrunch’s Matthew Panzarino wrote some brief thoughts on the ad.

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