Wednesday Afternoon News

screen-shot-2014-07-07-at-6-51-55-pmSo far, three parts from the next iPhone have been leaked. We’ve seen the power flex cable, the volume flex cable, and now, the SIM card tray. The new SIM card tray look indistinguishable from the current, and also confirm the next iPhone will come in silver (white), grey (black), and gold colour choices. In addition to the SIM card tray, a look at a sapphire glass cover (as rumoured to be included in the next iPhone) shows off some impressive durability against ordinary (and deliberate) scratch attempts.

Speaking of glass, Apple has patented a method of building seamless all-glass devices, but they’re not limiting themselves to just iPhones. Larger electronics such as monitors and TVs are also on the list of potential products that can be manufactured with the new technique, which involves fusing glass panels together to construct a device that’s both durable and lightweight.

Apple has reportedly hired two engineers from the Nike FuelBand team in order to bolster their ranks for their own upcoming wearable. The FuelBand project is all but dead after Nike announced it was downsizing the team, so I’m guessing Nike won’t be missing these guys. 9to5Mac has a summary of all the fitness and fashion related hires so far — if that kind of pedigree is to be believed, we’re in for one cracker of a smartwatch, activity trackers, whatever.

And it all starts here, with Apple’s Health app in iOS 8 gaining the ability to track steps with the M7 motion coprocessor in the third beta of iOS 8.

The maps used by the Find my iPhone webapp on are now powered by Apple’s own maps, suggesting Apple are rolling out their own maps across their own services. OS X already has its own Apple-powered Maps app, of course, but the Find my iPhone iOS app and Retail Store locator both use Google Maps, as noted by The Mac Observer.

It was really only a matter of time before people begun redesigning icons to suite the new look and feel of OS X Yosemite, and MacRumors has a few of these concepts to show us this morning — sorry, afternoon.

IMore explains custom keyboards in iOS 8. A few sources noted after the WWDC keynote that custom keyboards would not be allowed to overlay their own UIs over the app, and there are a bunch of other limitations. Some of them make little sense from a security/privacy perspective (no text selection or cursor movement, for example), but the rest seem perfectly sane.

Apple are planning to build another solar farm in North Carolina. They already have the land, and if I had to guess, they’ll be building another data center in the near future.

Today’s featured iOS app is Daedelus Touch, billed as the “world’s sexiest writing app”. There’s plenty to like about the app, including a gestural interface, custom fonts, a custom keyboard row for Markdown symbols, and an impressive list of supported file formats. Daedalus Touch is $1.29 on the Australian App Store. On the Mac side of things, there’s Write for Mac, a similar writing app that looks really great. It supports tags for your writing, has a number of different writing modes, and you can even copy the HTML from your Markdown-text. Write is $12.99 on the Australian Mac App Store.

Apple CEO Tim Cook led 5,000 from Apple at the recent Pride Parade in San Francisco, and Apple has now published a video showing off the event, highlighting and celebrating Apple’s “unwavering commitment to equality and diversity”. It proves beyond a doubt that Apple is a company made of people.

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