Tuesday Morning News

logoNew photos of the rear shell from the next iPhone show off an inlaid Apple logo, where the speculation says could be designed to light up when a call or message comes in. With little to no evidence of such a feature, though, the more likely explanation is that it’s simply another non-metal window for the antennas.

Ars Technica has a great explanation of Continuity in Yosemite and iOS 8. They explain the technology behind the feature that will “bridge the gap” between your iOS devices and your Mac, provided your hardware is up to the task.

One security researcher has uncovered undocumented iOS functions which allow the remote monitoring of personal data, such as pictures, text messages, emails, and more. I don’t mean to get all alarmist on you, but the potential security implications of this are eye-opening, to say the least. Ars Technica breaks it down extremely well, once again.

Matthew Panzarino talks to Marco Arment about why he built a podcast app, and it’s mostly because he saw an opening and went for it. There are already many great podcast apps out there, but by doing things a little differently and throwing in one or two landmark features, Overcast has more or less been a smash hit, from what I’ve been reading on the Twitter.

It was the sixth birthday of the App Store earlier this month covered previously in the news, and with it, the sixth anniversary of the iPhone in Australia. Our forum thread recounts the iPhones we’ve owned over the years, and maybe I should start upgrading my iPhone every year, given the amount of time I spend on the thing (but not right now, obviously).

Apple has announced the annual iTunes Festival, to be held in London. It’ll bring some of the biggest names in music to a venue during the 30-day event, and the great news is, it’ll be streamed live and on-demand.

Following yesterday’s coverage of in-app purchases, iMore has the comprehensive guide on in-app purchases and the App Store. They bill their guide as “what every parent needs to know”, but there’s plenty in there for people who just want to know a little more about how in-app purchases work, too.

Lifehacker US bring us two tips to do with the OS X login screen. The first explains how you can access the Terminal without logging in as any user (although you’ll still need to authenticate to do anything substantial), and the second says you can put any logo in place of the Apple logo, if you don’t mind digging into OS X system files.

The reason why the Mac was left out of the Apple-IBM partnership is pretty simple: the Mac just doesn’t make as much money as the iPhone does. The vast majority of Apple’s revenue comes from iPhone and iPad sales, accounting for just over three-quarters of all Apple’s revenue from Q1 2013.

Kirk McElhearn’s elegy for the iPod over at Macworld is a sobering read, seeing as it speaks volumes about Apple’s comeback from the brink of bankruptcy and changed Apple (and, some would claim), the consumer technology world forever.

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