Tuesday Morning News

screen568x568After dishing out a few iWatch predictions yesterday, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo came back for more regarding the next iPhone. He says production bottlenecks may force Apple to delay the larger 5.5-inch iPhone until 2015, thanks to poor yield rates on the touch panel and metal casing. It’s not looking good for a timely release of the biggest iPhone, but didn’t we already know that it was going to launch later anyway

But speaking of the iWatch, another analyst has said that Apple could sell anywhere from 30 to 60 million units in the first year. Apple’s integrated ecosystem is one of the reasons iWatch adoption will be as fast as the iPad, with Apple’s famed customer loyalty and the halo effect doing the rest.

Intelligent fuel cell tech is headed to Apple portables, if The Daily Mail is to believed. Fuel cell firm Intelligent Energy purchased patents for mobile fuel cell tech in cooperation with a “major electronics company”, and that company is now said to be Apple. The implications for this seem obvious: your MacBook Pros will have much better fuel economy, but will require charging at one of Tesla’s Supercharging stations nationwide.

A case study of unexplained allergic rashes in children points to Apple’s iPad as a potential trigger for nickel-based allergies. But the iPad is far from the first device to be implicated in electronics-related allergies, with Fitbit’s Force wearable recalled earlier this year.

Apple’s SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue is continuing the trend of Apple execs offering lunches for charity, this time sweeting the pot with a 13-inch MacBook Air. At time of writing, bidding starts at $16,000.

Apple aren’t just starting their own internal ad agency, it looks as though they’re willing to move away from TWBA entirely. “Citing industry buzz, the report suggests that Apple is ready to put its entire advertising account “up for grabs.””, also leveraging Beats exec Jimmy Iovine for his marketing prowess.

In app-related news, Shazam can now play full songs with its fancy new Rdio integration. You’ll need an Rdio account, but after signing in you’ll be able to play the entire song after recognising it. Also from MacStories is a review of Polymo, a better place for photos on iOS — Graham Spencer doesn’t think it’s an outright Camera Roll replacement, but says it still has features which may appeal to some. And last but not least, Google’s augmented reality app Ingress is now available on iOS. It’s kind of like a strange Foursquare, where you capture “portals” for your “team”.

The American National Federation for the Blind says Apple has done more for accessibility than any other company to date, and a lot of that is thanks to great accessibility features in both OS X and iOS. But they also recognise there’s more to be done, in terms of third party apps getting accessibility updates.

Family Sharing already exists in iOS 7, and iOS 8 expands upon that with new features and better ways to share content, as explained by iMore.

A list of OS X productivity tips and tricks for developers (but applicable to everyone, really) rounds out this morning’s news. There’s plenty of defaults write commands, with some productivity hints thrown in for good measure.

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