Tuesday Morning News

topUp first this morning are a few comparison shots of the glass destined for use in the upcoming 4.7-inch iPhone, in both black and white varieties. The thing to bear in mind with all these mockups and part leaks, though, is that the design isn’t final; notably, the back panel with the horizontal white stripes will differ from the final design, which is expected to feature glass like the iPhone 5 before it. The latest rumour surrounding production of the iPhone suggests yield issues due to Apple’s decision to make this the thinnest iPhone ever.

A big update to iTunes U overnight brings course creation and management for teachers to the iPad app. It’s a feature that teachers have been wanting for a while now, and Apple has delivered the goods this time. Students can also discuss course content from within the iTunes U app on the iPad, bringing yet another important aspect of education to iTunes U.

Rumour has it the iPhone trade-in program launched in the US last year and recently launched in a number of European countries will be coming to Australia in a number of weeks. However, the service as facilitated by Apple Stores is more of an environmentally-friendly service rather than a serious option for getting the full value from your iPhone, as you can get up to $320 for any traded-in iPhone.

Apple has released OS X Mavericks 10.9.4, bringing a fix for an issue that prevented some Macs from automatically re-connecting to known Wi-Fi networks after sleep and improving the reliability of waking from sleep. The update includes Safari 7.0.5, and is now available via Software Update from your Mac’s menu bar, or via the Mac App Store.

In other software update news, iOS 7.1.2 has been pushed out by Apple, which includes a number of iBeacon improvements and other minor bugs. Interestingly enough, I’ve heard that the Pangu jailbreak still works with iOS 7.1.2, but you may wish to do your own research before your proceed.

Last but not least of the software update news, the Apple TV has had a version number bump of its own. Apple TV 6.1.2 is mainly focused around several security fixes for second and third generation models of the Apple TV. It, too, is available via the Software Update menu on your Apple TV.

The big idea behind Apple putting widgets in Notification Center, rather than on the home screen, is that Notification Center can be accessed anywhere within iOS, writes Rene Ritchie of iMore. Widgets and Notifications will be separated within Notification Center itself when they arrive as part of iOS 8 later this year, and the extensibility means you’ll be able to get updates from apps without having to open the app itself.

Forum user Will has wondered about support for videos in Lightroom in our forum topic on the matter, the one Aperture feature ZDNet’s Jason O’Grady can’t live without is Photo Stream. And I can see where he’s coming from: the ability to snap a photo on your iPhone and have it available on every other Apple device you own is quite the advantage over various app silos.

As noted earlier, the Pangu jailbreak supports today’s iOS 7.1.2 update. An update to Pangu itself added an OS X version of the jailbreaking tool, and OS X Daily has instructions on how it all works.

Apple’s latest TV ad, Parenting, shows off how the iPhone helps out in everyday parenting situations. Over at TechCrunch, Matthew Panzarino has a list of the apps used in the ad.

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