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001-copia-whiteI’m so lost, people. I’m so lost because there weren’t any new iPhone part leaks overnight, so I have no idea what to write about now. Whatever, we’ll just do some news and try to put this all behind us…

The latest Apple TV rumour says we won’t be seeing a new model anytime soon. But the bad news doesn’t end there: now, we’re not even sure if Apple will release an update to the Apple TV in its current form or an entirely new TV set, as previous rumours have claimed. Whatever future the Apple TV holds, The Information tells us to not expect it in the near future, and definitely not this year.

Modbook were known for making highly customised MacBooks, back in the day, complete with touchscreen support and a fully rotatable, tilty display. Modbook’s next project is the Modbook Pro X, a step up from their previous offerings. Now, they’re bringing their customisations to the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, but only if they reach their funding goal of $150,000. The entire project is on Kickstarter.

The same Apple support page which betrayed the possibility of a mid 2014 Mac mini also revealed a mid 2014 27-inch iMac, but if history is anything to go by, it would have just been a Haswell-refresh type setup the Retina MacBook Pros were treated to yesterday. There’s probably nothing to see here, and like the Mac mini before it, the mid 2014 iMac has now disappeared into the ether, but forever immortalised on the pages of Mac rumour blogs.

Benchmarks of the updated MacBook Pros reveal small performance improvements. MacRumors reports a difference of about eight percent between the old and the new models, with the mid 2014 model coming in at two percent below last year’s mid-tier machine.

The first beta of OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 has been seeded to developers. Stability and performance enhancements are the order of the day, with Apple asking developers to focus on USB, USB Smart Cards, graphics, and Safari.

Russia wants Apple to hand over the iOS source code, in order to ensure Apple aren’t working with US officials to facilitate spying on the country, in what can only be described as easily the weirdest story I came across this morning. Then again, perhaps their concerns aren’t so unfounded given America’s previous track record of spying on foreign nations.

There may be some of us that live in some kind of optical media-less utopia, but for many people, DVDs and CDs are still a part of day-to-day life. IMore has a guide on ripping movies to your Mac, which I just state is actually illegal in Australia (format-shifting only applies to analog media, as far as I’m aware — but I’m no lawyer, so please consult a professional before proceeding). Macworld continue the DVD shenanigans with their post on burning movies to disc in a post-iDVD world. You guys remember that app, right?

1Password have a handy list of keyboard shortcuts to get you filling passwords in no time at all. Their more exciting news is the 1Password App Extension for iOS, which means developers can build support for 1Password into their apps, integrated nicely with Touch ID. It’s exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for.

The NomadPlus is a small accessory for, wait for it — your USB power adapter. It adds a small battery to Apple’s USB power adapter, giving you up to 70% of your iPhone battery. What’s more, it slips over your USB power adapter, giving you a no-fuss solution for charging, as well as charging on-the-go. I’ve heard it works with Australian USB power adapters, too.

Forget Snapchat. Forget Slingshot. Forget Instagram, Bolt, and forget ephemeral photo messaging altogether. The new hotness, if you can call it that, is sending photos to 50 strangers all over the world.

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  1. What is it about Macworld and totally useless guides? That ‘how to burn DVDs’ article is literally ‘use this app, or maybe this one instead, figure the rest out yourself’.

  2. ben says:

    Just a heads up if your’e interested in the Nomad Plus - use the coupon code ‘nomadplus’ for 50% off. Not sure how long it will last for, but enjoy.

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