Thursday Morning News

10.10-time-machine-980x612Apple has “tentatively” planned a mid-September launch for the new iPhone, sources say. With iOS 8 nearing completion and iPhone 6 production ramping up any day now, the timing falls in line with previous iPhone launch windows. What’s still unknown, however, is whether we’ll see two models of iPhone at the event. The 4.7-inch model is a given, but there’s a great big question mark hanging over the larger-screened model.

When all the speculation surrounding Apple’s upcoming wearable is focused on something they’ll be releasing, in all likelihood it’s equally as plausible they’re making something in partnership with other, well-known, brands. Venture Beat reports Apple and Swatch are working together on the iWatch project, saying Apple and its partners (note plural) will “offer a family of smartwatches to suit all tastes”.

Rumour has it Apple are in talks with credit card companies over their mobile payment solution, which could launch as early as later this year, right around the time of the new iPhone. And what a headline feature that would be: iPhone 6, with secure mobile payments. The report claims users will be able to pay for physical goods with their mobile phones, but how, exactly, this will be done still remains to be seen.

9to5Mac bring us the news OS X Yosemite will launch in October, a month or so after the release of iOS 8. But the bigger news is Apple are reportedly preparing a desktop with a 4K display and a 12-inch MacBook with Retina display, the latter of which will have a much thinner and slightly lighter aluminium chassis. Both are expected to launch either much later this year or possibly even in 2015, depending on how things pan out.

Speaking of Yosemite, the public beta of Apple’s newest desktop OS launches tomorrow, and for the first time, regular joes will be able to get their hands on the developer preview that shipped on Tuesday.

Ars Technica and The Verge have previews of Yosemite, with Ars Technica also sharing a bunch of screenshots to give you a feel for everything new and shiny.

Following one iOS security researcher’s claims about Apple backdoors in iOS 8 and Apple’s claim they never worked with any company to build backdoors into their products, Apple has come out and documented the services that provide diagnostic data. The same security researcher has come back and disputed Apple’s claim they’re purely used for diagnostic data. I expect the men in black to making a visit to him shortly.

GigaOm writes slowing iPad sales is nothing to be alarmed about. Apple “only” sold 13.2 million iPads in the previous quarter, but there are explanations for that.

Macworld’s review of Parcel says it’s a great Mac app for tracking packages all around the world. It’s free, and even syncs with the iOS version of the app so you always know where your new shiny is.

TUAW’s Mike Wehner searched for all 71 of the stickers in Apple’s latest TV ad so you don’t have to. Cool, I guess.

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